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  1. A New Era: Homeopathy and the Human Spirit

    A New Era: Homeopathy and the Human Spirit

    Engels - Paperback
    This book contains a series of 12 triturations of a number of plant species, one water remedy, and Lac humanum upto the C12 level. While performing these... Meer
    € 29,99
  2. Het Potentie-raadsel

    Het Potentie-raadsel

    Nederlands - Hardback
    Over geen onderwerp binnen de homeopathie is zoveel gediscussieerd als over de potenties, en nergens lopen de meningen en ideeen zo ver uiteen als bij het... Meer
    € 29,50
  3. Decoding the Dose

    Decoding the Dose

    Engels - Paperback
    Characteristic, peculiar, in Homeopathy we seek Everyone, yes everyone, is special and unique. We Homeopaths are in this world for reasons pure and sure We... Meer
    € 7,95
  4. About Potencies

    About Potencies

    Engels - Paperback
    Here you see the result of a great and thorough work: an important book in homeopathy’s growth to maturity. Margriet Plouvier has created an... Meer
    € 13,95
  5. Rademacher's Universal and Organ Remedies

    Rademacher's Universal and Organ Remedies

    Engels - Paperback
    This author's use of remedies that target specific organs was inspired by Paracelsus and later confirmed by J. Compton Burnett, MD. Rademacher's object... Meer
    € 2,95
  6. Mother Tincture Materia Medica

    Miracles of Mother Tinctures with Therapeutic Hints and Treatment of Diseases

    Engels - Paperback
    “A complete Materia medica of mother tinctures opening the doors to treatment by crude drug forms practiced by the author himself for many years. A very... Meer
    € 4,95
  7. A Practical Solution to Potency Problem

    A Practical Solution to Potency Problem

    Engels - Paperback
    No description available. Meer
    € 2,95

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