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Nieuwe Boeken Homeopathie

  • Invertebrates in Homeopathy

    Invertebrates in Homeopathy

    Engels - Hardback
    PLEASE NOTE: INDIAN PRINT QUALITY! “Invertebrates in Homeopathy” is book about in-depth and systematic explanation of invertebrate... Meer
    € 48,00
  • Healing Cancer: A Homoeopathic Approach VOL 1 & 2

    Healing Cancer: A Homoeopathic Approach VOL 1 & 2

    Engels - Hardback
    The global medical fraternity has been exploring various alternative approaches to cancer treatment. However, this exceptional book,... Meer
    € 34,95
  • Just You Think ( Volume 1)

    Just You Think ( Volume 1)

    Engels - Hardback
    In this magnum opus, Dr Sunirmal Sarkar along with Dr Gaurang Gaikwad, who worked on this book for many years, compiled information of more than two hundred... Meer
    € 77,25
  • The Art of Follow-Up

    The Art of Follow-Up

    Engels - Paperback
    It is often said that it is easier to come to a remedy selection than managing the follow-up. Some of the difficulties that arise in follow-up management... Meer
    € 13,00
  • Decoding the Dose

    Decoding the Dose

    Engels - Paperback
    Characteristic, peculiar, in Homeopathy we seek Everyone, yes everyone, is special and unique. We Homeopaths are in this world for reasons pure and sure We... Meer
    € 7,95

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