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Nieuwe Boeken Homeopathie

  • Fairylike Mosses

    Fairylike Mosses

    Engels - Paperback
    The mosses have been a mostly unknown territory in homeopathy. In the old literature one finds only Polytrichum juniperinum and there is little information in... Meer
    € 20,00
  • Ekayan


    A book on the Ekayan seminar held in Mumbai from January 20-22, 2017 Quotes from the book Dr. Jan Scholten... Meer
    € 47,50
  • Free as a Bird

    Free as a Bird

    Engels - Hardback
    In recent years the bird remedies have swooped down, conquering homeopathic practice. They are remedies for our times and are indicated in people who, like the... Meer
    € 39,00
  • Joshis'MAP of Invertebrates

    Joshis'MAP of Invertebrates

    For the first time an easy chart to help you prescribe the largest group of species in our animal kingdom – The Invertebrates. Meer
    € 19,50
  • Forever Yin

    Forever Yin

    Engels - Paperback
    As a final instalment, after From Cave to Computer and The Poisoned Well, and forming the last part of a trilogy, this book takes us on a journey into the... Meer
    € 19,95

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