Examine Your Life Through the Carpet Weaver of the Night

Author(s) Luc de Schepper
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After 7 years of study, Dr. Luc has written about the unconscious life of the human being, so necessary for the homeopath and any individual, to know himself better in order to live a more complete life. Dr. Luc poses the question to physicians, healers and homeopaths: Do you hear everything from the patient you need to know and that he is telling the truth? Not as he or she wants to view it, in order for the healer to assist the patient in a confident way to a complete recuperation as much as possible? And for those homeopaths that even follow faithfully Hahnemann's 6th edition of the Organon and his Chronic Diseases, is the obtained info sufficient to find the simillimum? And to other readers, young and old alike, do you know yourself that you can create a world in which you would want to live yourself? This book teaches all of us, to see how we really are, not how we want to be. Step-by-step, chapter-by-chapter, Dr. Luc fills in the broken pieces of a dream, the pieces of an initial puzzle, to a comprehensible, revealing and to most, an unexpected picture. Each chapter, progressive and educational in nature, is supported by real dreams and their analysis to clarify the concept of the chapter topic, so that at the end anyone reading this book, and especially the homeopath who needs to understand the second half of human Nature through the language of dreams, will find with more confidence the simillimum, while pointing out the complex the patient is suffering from; for the patient it is like a new land discovered, making him understand why he needs to change course in his life in order to speed up his healing.

Dr. Luc advises the reader to study this book again and again. In other words, it cannot simply be read like a novel; it needs working through and thoroughly, until the pieces of an individual's dream and his life become more visible and sensible. It is about elucidating and examining one's existence, where you are at this moment and where you need to go. The author encourages that time and effort should be given to this goal, with enthusiasm and joy, because there is no more fruitful task in life then getting to know oneself and others better-patients, neighbors, friends, spouses-as the carpet's weaver message of the night-dreams-becomes understood. He assures the reader that the seed created by his effort will blossom in a beautiful flower, whose fragrance never will leave you, making you insightful and appreciated, by anyone you encounter.

Dr. Luc intended for anyone reading this book to pause, stop and examine what was said: Does it pertain to you, the reader? To your spouse, neighbor or a friend? Or to your patient? Most likely, in ways, all of them! As you progress in the book, you will go back and reread concepts in previous pages to clarify and widen your understanding. He invites and emboldens the reader to find the courage and desire to start on a new voyage to undiscovered territories, showing there is a warrior within you that needs to be discovered!

With the information in this book, the homeopath-and as well the non-homeopath-can see that by correctly exploring one's dream world, another important tool is added to the quest for healing, a tool by which one can transform himself into the person he wants to be rather than the person he is. This unique book puts that tool within reach. It gives its readers the hope of revitalizing their present anemic life, so they receive the glow from an existence that is renewed and persists. At the end, you wished you read this book earlier in life to avoid what we call Fate, which in reality, says Dr. Luc, except for the noble misfortunes, "is nothing but the sum total of our foolish and wrong choices!" But it is never too late!


Another fantastic book by Dr. Luc de Schepper! Examine Your Life Through The Carpet Weaver of the Night provides excellent insight into dreams and how their interpretation can be used to help homeopaths in the treatment of their patients. It is also a book I would recommend to non-homeopaths who are interested in learning more about dream analysis. Do not let the length of the book deter you, as it is a quick and enjoyable read being very well thought out, organized logically, and with gems throughout! ~ Zoë Alexandra, BSc-Homeopathy, Canada

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SubtitleBasic Concepts of Dream Analysis in the Homeopathic Practice
AuteurLuc de Schepper
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