The Triad Method

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“In a world governed by scientific facts, figures, statistics and academic theories it’s so refreshing to find a book about people and their experiences. This is a very human journey to find out what works best for the people who have put their trust in homeopathy. The Triad Method was birthed through necessity and intuition alongside real clients and in real situations. This book is not just of interest to homeopaths and homeopathic students but would be of great interest to all those who have an interest in developing health projects and community based programmes.”

Ellen Kramer, MCPH, MARH, Director of the College of Practical Homeopathy

“In 2002, Hilary Fairclough, a homeopath and a former nurse, set up the Maun Homeopathy Project in a remote part of northern Botswana, where over 35% of the population were HIV+. Undaunted, Hilary and her colleagues – notably part and full time local people who have gone on to graduate as professional homeopaths - have since treated over three thousand people with HIV and AIDS, many of whom were also carrying the suppressant effect of conventional treatment. These are quite amazing achievements.There is an entire section devoted to an independent study of the Maun Project clinics carried out by Lancaster University in 2013 and for readers who want to hear directly from the people who have been treated, there are some stunning personal accounts. Overall, this is one of the most powerful, clearly-written and humane accounts of the benefits of the homeopathic Triad Method I have read.”

Janice Micallef, MCH, RSHom, co-founder of the Guild of Homeopathy

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