Decoding Mental Rubrics

Author(s) Gaurang Gaikwad
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Through this book one can understand the rubric, the exact meaning of the rubric, word origins, how to clinically apply the rubric, how to understand the sub rubrics, and how to understand important remedies in a rubric.

Converting the patient's language and your own observations into the repertorial language is never easy. It takes years of practice to master the art of case taking and repertorisation. The most difficult part is to master the mind rubrics. The mind can be a minefield. 

Many books have been written to make understanding of mind rubrics easier but none has been able to do justice to the task at hand. Until now!  I find Dr. Gaurang's book a delight to read because it not only gives you the meaning of a rubric, it gives the word origin, how and where the symptom appears in our provings and clinical case examples to ensure that you get it right. 

This book is going to be very useful to all homeopathy students and practitioners. I highly recommend it!

- Dr. Manish Bhatia


Congratulations Dr Gaurang Gaikwad.

The hard work and heart work you put in this work is enlightning for budding Homoeopaths. To understand the state of mind this work is surely helpful. With your persistent efforts u have made this work very sophisticated and way of presentation easy. Obviously this book will be a guide to achieve successful results in various cases.

- Dr Amar nikam


Dr. Gaurang has prepared this book with profound depth and compassion. The wisdom of all his gurus Dr. R. Sankaran, Dr. Vijay Vaishnav, and mine, has been well preserved and delivered by him. He is a true Hybrid of his Gurus and this is reflected in how he writes the book, which will make it a Milestone in the History of Homoeopathy.

- Dr. Sunirmal Sarkar


I am glad to receive long awaited book 'Understanding Mental Rubrics' from Dr. Gaurang Gaikwad. This book is a tribute to his one of the closest and beloved friends Dr. Rameez, who had died unexpectedly before starting his promising career. I have seen Gaurang going into transition and getting transformed from a student to international teacher.This book seems a sharing of his learning process and is interactive in its presentation, hence it will be interesting for students of repertory who wish to perceive the subject at experiential level. I wish him success in his endeavor. 

- Dr Kamlesh Mehta


A well - Researched , Meticulously Composed Book which makes the use of the repertory easy , effective and interesting !

A Must Have for every Homeopath 

- Dr Ashok Borkar


I have gone through few pages of Dr Gaurang’s book.

The idea of integrating the origin of words used in rubrics and the area where the Master’s have explained them in their material Medica is very unique. It helps us to link how the Master’s thought of putting the exact word to the prover’s experiences.

Further the brief summary of the drugs used in the rubric with clinical case examples are very useful.

It will be a great help to the practitioners trying to practice by understanding the Mental state of the patient.

- Dr Ashok Mohanty

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