Art of Repertorisation

Author(s) Gaurang Gaikwad
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A detailed understanding of the utility and understanding of the various repertories and also the artistic use of them

Review by Dr. Francois Bernaerts:

I  had the chance to discover Gaurang's astonishing and very complete work on the use of different repertories and at the same time to open myself to them... at last. This is a new and precious work which is now available to everyone and particularly to young homeopaths. What a gift to start one's professional life! In addition to introducing us to the soul of each repertory, extracting its richness, exploiting its often forgotten treasures, via many illustrative cases, Gaurang also passes on his passion, his learning path.   He is present in the book, and we can feel his faith and his convictions.  It makes us want to follow in his footsteps, to plunge long and studiously into the study of these repertories.  Getting familiar with them is the real secret. Indeed, if one wants to obtain the fruits of these books, one should not delude oneself, it is by knowing them, by mastering them that one will be able to use them usefully.  These repertories must become our friends. Friends we know them, we know their strengths, their qualities, their weaknesses, their limits, but they are there when we need them!  

Thanks to Gaurang who gives himself a lot to help us move forward on this  so exciting path of the Art of Healing with the homeopathy.

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AuteurGaurang Gaikwad