THE BIG BOOK OF ACTINIDES: The Mutation Remedies

Author(s) Didier Lustig
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As the heaviest elements in matter, the Actinides occupy the bottom line of the Periodic Table of the Elements. Inside their nuclei they contain an immensely powerful energy that has inspired for a century a fascination mixed with fear: radioactivity. Didier Lustig is behind the homeopathic strains of the transuranic elements, the artificial atoms located beyond uranium and discovered between 1940 and 1950. The best-known of these elements is plutonium, whose name alone sends shivers down the spine, as confirmed by Jeremy Sherr's proving of Plutonium nitricum.

The author invites us to enter this complex and obscure world, still largely unexplored. He takes us to the core of the atomic nucleus and, by virtue of the Law of Similitude, into the abyssal depths of the human soul, where the most mysterious of all natural phenomena takes place: transmutation. In the core of radioactive atoms, it is the disintegration and mutation into a new element; in humans, it is the experience that leads to the threshold of death, as in trauma or serious illness, and gives rise to the transformation of the being. Actinides are the remedies for these situations: when similitude is respected, they enable the person to be reborn, restoring their light and their desire to live.

Illustrated with 78 clinical cases reported by 34 homeopaths from all over the world, this book presents the most comprehensive knowledge to date of the remedies in the 7th Series.

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