Soul & Survival

Author(s) Grant Bentley
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Your face is the connection between your inner and outer world. Seen more by others than you, your unique facial structure is a doorway to information that explains who you are and why you do what you do. Grant Bentley, naturopath and homeopath developed Homeopathic Facial Analysis using facial structure to choose natural remedies for health problems. After listening to the life stories and stress reactions of numerous patients, he saw a fascinating pattern emerge. This pattern is a universal design that binds facial structure, Karma and the repeating events of life. Soul & Survival is a unique blend of information, stories and analogies that explores and explains human behavior and the difference between our survival instinct and our soul. From The Greatest Experiment in History to the Politics of Survival, Soul & Survival details the different reactions people have when they are under stress. It also helps explain many fears that may seem irrational to others, and the importance of contribution and skill to health and wellbeing. Soul & Survival is a work of self-discovery that includes our spiritual nature. Once you understand your own survival instinct, your life will no longer be a mystery. Seven traditional roles and groups are discussed along with the concept of holism and the three primary forces of life. Repeating life themes are explained including a discussion on how to break these negative themes in order to regain balance. Homeopathic Facial Analysis reveals more than just a way to improve health. It provides an insight into what makes us who we are.

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SubtitleThe common human experience
AuteurGrant Bentley