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Samuel Hahnemann

Book Author Full Name: Samuel Hahnemann

Books by this Author

  1. The Lesser Writings of Samuel Hahnemann

    Follow Hahnemann's thought from his early, dissatisfied days as a conventional doctor to his discoveries that revealed an eternal principle of healing. Experience for yourself Hahnemann's genius and genuine philanthropy in this unique collection.The book contains a number of valuable essays, including his first major essay that...
    € 14,75
  2. Samuel Hahnemann, His Life and Work (2 vol.)

    The definitive biography of Hahnemann. ...
    € 18,95
  3. Samuel Hahnemann: His Life & Times By Trevor Cook

    A wonderful work on the biography of the founder of homeopathy, Dr samual hahnemann. Giving his wandering life through persecution and tragedy to eventual success and the establishment of homeopathic medicine. ...
    € 4,95
  4. Organon of Medicine - 6th edition

    William Boericke, MD, translator. (1921, US). Hahnemann’s most advanced work - fifty millesimal potencies. Hahnemann believed the 6th edition was "the most nearly perfect of all". It contains important changes from the 5th edition, which were unknown during Kent's lifetime, such as advising repetition of doses in slowly increasing...
    € 9,95
  5. Organon of the Art of Healing - Reprint from the American Edition

    C. Wesselhoeft, MD, translator. (1876, US) ...
    € 6,45
  6. The Chronic Diseases their peculiar Nature and their Homeopathic cure (THEORY PART)

    Theoretical part.This volume, which contains the theoretical part of Hahnemann's Chronic Diseases, has been issued at the urgent request of several Professors in Homoeopathic Medical Colleges, who wish to use it as a college text book. The basic concepts of "miams" are discussed int this book. The Chronic Disease (Theoretical...
    € 7,95

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  7. Materia Medica Pura (2 Vols.)

    Magnum opus of Hahnemann’s work, it is an exhaustive collection of the symptoms of our homoeopathic remedies in the very language used by the prover, & forms the basis of all the other Materia Medica present till date. The readers are expected to benefit a great deal by going back to the origin of symptoms in the prover, without any...
    € 22,50
  8. The Chronic Diseases Their Peculiar Nature & Their Hom. Cure (translated By Dudgeon. Theory & Practice 2 Vols)

    Much needed book for combating a debilitating disease like tuberculosis and its fatal consequences from the author’s bagful of experience. The construction of the book is such that it has been being divided into 12 chapters based on 12 different symptoms of tuberculosis, thus giving an exhaustive coverage of homoeopathic treatment and...
    € 24,95
  9. Organon of Medicine

    In the early 19th century, Samuel Hahnemann, a German medical doctor, discovered that he could profoundly stimulate healing by giving his patients very small amounts of carefully chosen substances. He used these successes to establish the discipline of homoeopathy, and he set down its principles in ...
    € 12,95
  10. Chronische ziekten

    Hahnemann beschrijft zijn bevindingen met de aard van chronische ziekten en zet zijn ‘miasmaleer’ uiteen.De grondlegger van de homeopathie, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, heeft zich diepgaand bezig gehouden met het verschijnsel ‘chronische ziekten’. In dit boek beschrijft hij zijn bevindingen met ...
    € 31,75
  11. Organon der Geneeskunst

    In het ‘Organon’ heeft Hahnemann zijn eigen visie op de homeopathie neergelegd. Paragraafsgewijs wordt uiteengezet langs welke weg en met welke middelen men zieken weer kan genezen. Deze Nederlandse vertaling van de 6de editie is uitgebreid met een inleiding van Hahnemann, een samenvatting van alle ...
    € 31,75
  12. Organon of Medicine - Fifth and Sixth Edition Combined

    R.E. Dudgeon, MD, translator. (1893, England). Contains a more recent editor’s comparisons to the 6th edition. A combination of 5th edition by Dudgeon (the 1893 revision) with the 6th edition by Boericke. Essentially, one can see the changes that Hahnemann made to the text of the 5th. A valuable sudy guide with a...
    € 9,95