Reverse Repertory Of Mind

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We usually come across a number of mental and physical symptoms while taking the case. Unfortunately, we tend to neglect those symptoms due to our ignorance or lack of knowledge in converting them into the correct rubrics . Since one of the main problems we encounter in practice, is the conversion of the patient’s symptoms in the proper language of the repertory.. This book discusses the common difficulties in selecting mental rubrics and how to overcome the same issues.

“Reverse Repertory of the Mind - Words to Mental Rubrics” is a unique work in analyzing and decoding the rubrics of mind. Many rubrics have same meaning in the language dictionary, but the meaning or interpretation of such rubrics may be different. 409 mental rubrics from Kent’s Repertory and Synthesis Repertory are wonderfully explained starting from “Abandoned” to “Zealous”, including the meaning of the rubric, clinical situation, patient’s and attendant’s narration, the observation of physician, followed by important remedies given in the rubric. This book will help the new generation doctors and students in overcoming the problems in the interpretation of rubrics – since clinical situations, patients narrations are given first, followed by the rubric and important remedies...

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