Radiance, Resonance and Healing: The Homeopathic Periodic Table

Author(s) David Johnson
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'David really hits the mark with this book. It was a new way for me to finally make the periodic table come alive with explanations like the 3-dimensional spiral mobile. What an illumination! The quotes used to present the elements brought them closer to me as a Homeopath. Truly enjoyed learning with this book.'
Micheline Fournier, Homeopath/e
'Before reading David Johnson's beautifully published book, the mineral world, that was to me rather static, became alive and dynamic. Thank you David for this paradigm shift that will benefit me and therefore my patients. Cheers for sharing your vision and insights.'
Manon Larose R(Hom)


The Homeopathic Periodic Table reflects struggles of our collective human experience, ranging from early childhood development to challenges of heavy responsibility and influence. Fundamentally, problems arise when exaggerated perceptions and reactions begin to interfere with our full expression as human beings.

Homeopathic remedies derived from the elements heighten our awareness of limiting survival behaviors, as well as the cost for maintaining them. Internal resources are freed up from instinctive defenses, and naturally re-directed towards expression of balance and health on all levels.

This book is for practitioners, students and others interested in exploring the breadth and depth of Periodic Table potentials, and applying that understanding to homeopathic practice and life.

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AuteurDavid Johnson