New Materia Medica Volume 3

Author(s) Colin Griffith
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An indispensable follow-up to Colin Griffith’s authoritative and unrivalled The New Materia Medica vols I and II that details information on 36 new remedies. 

For professionals, home practitioners, students and teachers of homoeopathy, here is the eagerly awaited new volume in Colin Griffith’s authoritative and unrivalled The New Materia Medic a series. Drawing on ten years of testing by Colin’s group, here are 36 brand-new homoeopathic remedies offering fundamental solutions for the needs of our challenging times. 

The remedies include Australian Sandstone for patients who need to rediscover their personal mission in life, Beta Vulgaris for purification of body and spirit, Bursera Graveolens to counter psychic vulnerability, Iron Pryrite for creative spark, Picea Pungens to support patients in understanding the truth and as a remedy from toxic pollution. A common thread is that these remedies will suit those who feel existentially threatened by the speed, mindlessness and sense of fear that seem to characterize life today. 

The book also reveals how astrology can be used to assess the hidden depths of difficult cases, crucial information for the homoeopath that is not available anywhere else. 

The opening chapter explains how astrology can be employed to reveal hidden depths of difficult cases in relation to the 36 remedies, something that is not available in any other volume on homoeopathy. The second part is a detailed description of the 36 remedies – from Juniper Officinalis and Black Tourmaline to Phantom Quartz and Tormentil – covering:

historical and traditional medical background
general symptoms
mental, emotional and spiritual symptoms
physical symptoms
considerations for the use of the remedy
esoteric therapeutics
case studies that show clinical evidence of efficacy

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AuteurColin Griffith