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Luc de Schepper

Book Author Full Name: Luc de Schepper

Books by this Author

  1. Achieving Maintaining Simillimum

    A companion book to Hahnemann Revisited; this unique book teaches the reader the most difficult aspect of homeopathy- how to stay on the right course in the challenging path to cure for a chronic patient. ...
    € 64,64
  2. Discovering Life: Homeopathic Portraits

    What is new in this Materia Medica book? This book is the result of 8 years work. What makes this materia medica different from others? Why a new materia medica among the glut of existing ones? One of the most confounding aspects of homeopathy, which I have noticed while teaching throughout the world, is the difficulty that both...
    € 119,00
  3. Hahnemann Revisited

    This book consists of three sections: “The Foundation”, “The Healing Process” and “The Chronic Miasms”. It gives the reader a good introduction to all aspects of homeopathy, especially the prescribing of the LM potencies. It also contains interesting chapters on homeopathy and cancer, case studies with...
    € 69,75
  4. Het Simillimum Bereiken en Onderhouden

    Het boek Hahnemann Revisited ging over de basis van Homeopathie,de wetten, het consult en de analyse om het simillimum te vinden. Dit uniekeboek Het Simillium Bereiken en Onderhouden gaat over de volgende stap ‘case management’. Het leert u het moeilijkste aspect van homeopathie, namelij ...
    € 39,00
  5. OUT OF PRINT: Human Conditon Critical

    This book is the perfect companion to The People's Repertory. This book provides a more in-depth explanation of what homeopathy is and how it works, emphasizing chronic illnesses. Dr. Luc explains the pillars of good health and the true causes of chronic diseases such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. He ...
    € 12,95

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  6. Homeopathy and the Periodic table Vol1

    ' Exploring and using only the provings from renowned and reliable sources such as Hahnemann's 'Chronic Diseases', and 'Materia Medica Pura', from'Herings Guiding Symptoms', 'T.F. Allen's Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica,' and 'Von Bonninghausen's Materia Medica', Dr. Luc has created a fasc ...
    € 44,25
  7. Advanced Guide for Professional Homeopaths

    The Advanced Guide for Professional Homeopaths completes the trio of valuable reference books for the professional homeopath.  Building on previous works, Hahnemann Revisited and Achieving and Maintaining the Simillimum, this book will help homeopaths overcome challenging obstacles to their own diff ...
    € 57,50
  8. Examine Your Life Through the Carpet Weaver of the Night

    After 7 years of study, Dr. Luc has written about the unconscious life of the human being, so necessary for the homeopath and any individual, to know himself better in order to live a more complete life. Dr. Luc poses the question to physicians, healers and homeopaths: Do you hear everything from the patient you need to know and that he is...
    € 119,00