Little Angels A Clinical manual of Homeopathic Remedies for infants and children

B. Jain
Author(s) Mayur S Mahajan
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Homeopathy is known for its safe and gentle approach to curing ailments and when it comes to children, this treatment seems ideal. The case-taking process and the dynamics between doctors and patients is the beautiful language in itself. Children cannot express their discomfort accurately as adults can and herein lies the importance of this unspoken language that only a keen observer can decipher.

This book " Little Angels" is a complete guide to homeopathic medicines for infants and children. This book is the result of the author’s rich clinical experience. He went out of his way to describe the condition of each child in as much detail as possible, making it very easy for readers to understand and apply this knowledge in their clinic. In this book, the author has shared some important impressions from the environment of a child which may help in understanding the child and solve cases successfully. These hints come directly from the author’s clinic desk and hopefully will be helpful for clinical assessment.

The main aim of this book is to make homeopathy very simple and applicable. Students of Homeopathy who read different Materia Medicas by various authors must have observed that there is no specific book that would explain children’s remedies in the most simple way. The author has tried to simplify the concept of understanding children’s remedies at all possible levels. With increasing awareness about homeopathy as well as rapidly increasing lists of remedies and rubrics, such a book series has become a real need of practicing physicians because a busy practitioner does not get enough time to read huge books and/ or sit in a corner and think about the rubric for long hours.

Book Highlights:

• The narration of cases is presented with gestures and mimicry that for us 'bring the patient to life'
• the condition of each child is given in as much detail as possible, making it very easy for readers to understand and apply this knowledge in their clinical practice.
• All the rubrics are taken from Synthesis Repertory and Complete Repertory

About the Author:
Dr. Mayuresh Mahajan ( MD Hom) is the President and powerhouse of HHF. He is a leading Homoeopath in the Thane & Kalwa area. He is also a keystone in HHF which bridges the ignoramus with the knowledgeable in this form of Homoeopathy. Apart from being an excellent clinician he is also a very popular lecturer at local and national seminars. His excellent clinical skills added to his deep theoretical knowledge blended with intermittent and spontaneous humor make for a heady cocktail in his lectures and keep the audiences asking for more.

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AuteurMayur S Mahajan
UitgeverB. Jain