How to Study Materia Medica

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Materia Medica is a subject that is vast like Africa, a continent to discover at the same time interesting to explore its depth. Each remedy possesses within itself a peculiar identity of its own. Studying these individual characteristics of these remedies brings out their true significance.
It is said that Napoleon knew each and every one of his soldiers in his large army. He knew each ones name, their features, their attributes and their persona. Like people, remedies have their individualizing traits and differentiating features, which, we need to recognize and distinguish between different remedies.
Homoeopathic materia medica is a collection of real, pure, reliable modes of action of simple medicinal substances.

Materia Medica is a very vast, broad subject. It is difficult to approach it if you do not know how to do it. There is a need for a methodical approach to studying materia medica which simplifies understanding remedies, their action and symptoms. If only we understand how to study Materia Medica, the first step to a successful clinical practice is taken.

How a Beginner Should Study Materia Medica
The Most Useful Method of Learning Materia Medica
Different Approaches to the Study of Materia Medica.
How Knowledge of Materia Medica Helps in Constructing the Totality of Symptoms
View of Stalwarts on Materia Medica
Sources of Materia Medica
Scope of Materia Medica
Limitations of Materia Medica
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