Homoeopathic Treatment Beef Dairy Cattle

Author(s) Christopher Day
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Treatment and management across a wide range of diseases and conditions in cattle.

A practical guide for the farmer and the lifestyle smallholder. It proposes 141 particularly useful remedies for cattle with a brief description of symptoms and signs for which they might be indicated. Animal welfare is of primary importance in this work and the author encourages the use of conventional veterinary medicine in combination with homeopathic treatment.

The publisher:

Can mastitis be cured without antibiotics? Can ringworm be cleared inexpensively? Is it true that New Forest Eye can be treated - and prevented -by a few drops of medicine in the drinking water trough? Is it also true that homoeopathic treatment is free of harmful side effects and leaves no residues in an animal's body?
This book is a guide for the farmer and smallholder. It explains the thinking behind the homoeopathic treatment of disease and describes how it may be used on an everyday basis in the care of cattle, both as individual animals and in a group. One hundred and forty-one homoeopathic remedies of value in cattle are then briefly described, with reference to the particular symptoms and signs for which their use may be indicated. This is followed by a wide-ranging A-Z of disease syndromes, with pointers to the remedies which are likely to be effective in each situation.
The author emphasises that animal welfare is of overriding importance, and that good nutrition and management provide a necessary framework for the use of homoeopathy no less than for any other therapy. He recognises the importance of conventional veterinary medicine where the need for palliation is great, and does not discourage the reader from combining it with homoeopathic medicine if the wellbeing of an animal would be best served in this way. Throughout the book he highlights those circumstances where qualified veterinary help must always be sought.
Christopher Day qualified as a vet from Cambridge University in 1972. He worked first in a farm, equine and small animal practice in the Lancashire Pennines before joining and subsequently running his parents' mixed country practice in rural Oxfordshire. Having encountered homoeopathic medicine at an early age he was keen to use it in practice, and by now homoeopathy and other holistic therapies have taken over his life. He is Veterinary Dean of the Faculty of Homoeopathy, London, and a founder member and Honorary Secretary of the British Association of Homoeopathic Veterinary Surgeons. He is also a founder member and the first President of the International Association for Veterinary Homoeopathy. He has written numerous books and papers on natural veterinary medicine and travels worldwide to teach the subject, as well as to treat his farm and equine patients.

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