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  1. One Heart, One Mind

    One Heart, One Mind

    Engels - Paperback
    A diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can be startling news for any parent. Professional homeopath Pierre Fontaine CCH provides hope for a... Meer
    € 14,95
  2. Homeopathy and ADHD

    Homeopathy and ADHD

    Engels - Hardback
    HOMEOPATHY – PRECISE AND EFFECTIVEAttention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) constitutes one of the major challenges of our time. The... Meer
    € 49,00
  3. Homeo-Kids


    Engels - Hardback
    A modern materia medica of children's remedies, exceptionally concise and practical. Patricia Le Roux was a leading homeopathic pediatrician, combining in her... Meer
    € 34,00
  4. Ritalin Free Kids

    Ritalin Free Kids

    Engels - Paperback
    Eleven percent of children in the U. S. are now being diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. If you are looking for a safe, effective,... Meer
    € 17,95
  5. The Homeopathic Treatment of Hyperactivity

    The Homeopathic Treatment of Hyperactivity

    Engels - Paperback
    This book contains annotated transcripts of eight cases that appeared live in seminars in Germany and Belgium, most with many years of follow up. The... Meer

    Aanbiedingsprijs: € 18,95

    Normale prijs: € 22,90

  6. Autisme; de wanhoop voorbij  CEASE Therapie

    Autisme; de wanhoop voorbij CEASE Therapie - 2e druk

    Nederlands - Hardback
    'Autisme is te genezen'. Het is n van de meest opzienbarende conclusies in dit boek van homeopathisch arts Tinus Smits (1946-2010), die de... Meer
    € 22,50
  7. The Homeopathy Handbook for Children

    The Homeopathy Handbook for Children

    Engels - Hardback
    The homeopathic treatment of children is one of the most promising areas of homeopathy.The correct remedy can often give the child a new lease of life. Meer
    € 39,00
  8. The Child's World

    The Child's World

    Engels - Paperback
    Generations of homeopaths have successfully treated children using the traditional approaches of materia medica, repertory, keynotes and classification into... Meer
    € 32,50
  9. Treat Your Child Yourself

    Treat Your Child Yourself (2nd edition)

    Engels - Paperback
    Inevitably, childrens complaints strike when professional help is not available - at night, during weekends, or on holidays.Most parents want to avoid... Meer
    € 14,95
  10. Homeopathy, Immunity and Infectious Diseases

    Homeopathy, Immunity and Infectious Diseases

    Engels - Paperback
    Written by an author with many years experience of natural remedies. This popular and practical handbook is invaluable for travellers and parents looking... Meer
    € 8,75
  11. Children's Types

    Children's Types

    Engels - Hardback
    The old standard work by Borland on homeopathic child types has finally found a worthy modern successor to rework the subject matter and extend it by drawing on... Meer
    € 34,00
  12. Diseases of Children

    Diseases of Children

    Engels - Paperback
    No description available Meer
    € 24,00
1 - 12 van 15 items