Compend Principles Homoeopathy As Taught Hahnemann Verified Century Clinical Application

B. Jain
Author(s) W. Boericke
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The publication of this book fills the need for a concise, to-the-point, quick-reference guide for prescribing on keynotes and redline symptoms. It is very useful for students, beginners and practitioners, especially in situations where one does not have the time or the circumstances to take a detailed case history or go through the process of repertorisation. Symptoms are given under different headings like Mind, Brain, Nerves, face, respiratory organs, Digestive system, urinary organs, genitalia, Skin, fevers, Constitutional Diseases, drunkards diseases, pregnancy troubles, Bruises, etc. A quick flick through a few pages will lead you to the required remedy plus the comparative remedies mentioned alongside the symptoms.

This unique book teaches the reader the most difficult aspect of homeopathy – how to stay on the right course in the arduous road to curing a chronic patient. this book will feature prominently on you consulting table.main Contents are  Principles of Pharmacology; Drug-Proving; Interpretation of Drug Pathogenesis; Drug Relationship; The Application of Homeopathy; The Similimum; The Second Prescription; Hahnemann"s Nosology; Posology; The Preparation of Homeopathic Medicines.

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AuteurW. Boericke
UitgeverB. Jain