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Ulrich Welte

Book Author Full Name: Ulrich Welte

Books by this Author

  1. The Periodic Table in Homeopathy - The Silver Series

    The Periodic Table of Elements was one of the most ingenious discoveries of all times. The nature and interactions of elements are present everywhere and at any time. This natural order of elements endows us with a new structure and order of homeopathic remedies. To translate this system of elements ...
    € 33,00
  2. Handwriting and Homeopathy

    Personality structure expresses itself in handwriting. Handwriting is a frozen image of motion patterns. So handwriting is a significant clinical background symptom of great depth. It is well worth learning to read this 'script inside the script'.In twenty years of clinical experience an ...
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  3. Extended Color Table

    Extended version of the color table meant for professional use. The favourite colour can be determined with greater accuracy. ...
    € 45,00
  4. Colors in Homeopathy - SET (Color Chart + Textbook)

    The color tables and the repertory (Colors in Homeopathy) together comprise a complete working tool: The color tables with 120 colors is the tool used to determine color preference. They are printed from 24 pure colors using an elaborate processing...
    € 48,00

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  5. Colors in Homeopathy - Textbook

    The color preference expresses the inner state of a patient directly, and as such it is a significant and specific homeopathic symptom. It has been helpful to indicate or confirm the correct diagnosis of a remedy in many cases. 18 years of clinical experience in thousands of cases stand behind this ...
    € 12,00
  6. Farben in der Homöopathie

    "Farben in der Homöopathie" ist ein Farbrepertorium und enthält 120 brillante Farbtafeln zur genauen Bestimmung der Farbvorliebe. Das Farbsymptom dient der verfeinerten homöopathischen Diagnostik und hat weltweit in vielen Tausenden von Fällen zur korrekten MIttelwahl beigetragen. Die Farbtafeln und das Repertorium sind als vollständiges...
    € 48,00
  7. The Uranium Series

    Remarkable healing powers are slumbering in the radioactive elements of the Uran-ium series, which homeopathy can put to good use, especially in an era of increasing violence. Potentized Radium has long been used homeopathically for the treatment of leukaemia. Yet recent experience has shown that all elements of the Uranium series...
    € 33,00