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The Wolf - A Mythological and Comparative Study

David Lilley

Beschikbaarheid: In voorraad

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Beschikbaarheid: In voorraad

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Ancient texts document the hatred of Cain for his brother Abel and relate how Cain callously slew his innocent brother. This fratricidal act has been perpetrated by Homo sapiens against Canis lupus over thousands of years. 

Human and wolf are psychic siblings: rival apex predators in the late Pleistocene; both intelligent, family orientated and highly socialised creatures. While decadent, rapacious humanity has become an infestation on the surface of planet Earth, the wolf is immaculate: all that we once were - all that we should be - all that we must become!

All that is odious, iniquitous and malicious in the human archetype is repressed into the Shadow of the collective human unconscious and projected upon the despised scapegoat of humanity - the wolf - making it the very embodiment of evil and malevolence. Homeopathic wolf's milk, Lac lupinum, bears the impress not only of the wolf's suffering at the hands of humanity, but also the mythical and projected visions of the wolf built into the human unconscious, ensuring a remedy of uncommon scope and power for the healing of the human soul.

This title represents an extract from David’s forthcoming – and eagerly awaited – second volume in his highly acclaimed Healing the Soul series. It was produced to accompany his 2017 seminars in Ireland and Scotland.


ISBN 9781908127297
Taal Engels
Pagina's 368
Binding Paperback
Geprint in Groot Brittannië
Uitgever Saltire Books
Book Author(s) David Lilley