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Susan Curtis

Book Author Full Name: Susan Curtis

Books by this Author

  1. Surviving with Natural Remedies

    A positive response to the new risks of the world we live in including remedies to cope with radiation or chemical exposure, anthrax, natural disasters, etc. A practical guide to self-reliant health – when the paramedics are unavailable or the antibiotics have run out – listing appropriate her ...
    € 8,95
  2. Neal's Yard Natural Remedies

    The Essential Pioneering Reference Fully revised edition of the self-help classic from the founders of Neal’sYard Remedies. Practical suggestions for natural treatment of over 125 common ailmentsusingherbs, homeopathy, essential oils and more.A best-seller since1988. “The...
    € 13,31

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  3. Looking good and feeling younger

    Looking and feeling younger has never been easier! Whatever your stage of life, there is plenty that you can do to maintain your energy, vitality, appearance and mind bymaking simple changes to your lifestyle that incorporate all the best that mother nature has to offer.This book is designed to help you discover the...
    € 11,11
  4. Homeopathy, Immunity and Infectious Diseases

    Written by an author with many years experience of natural remedies. This popular and practical handbook is invaluable for travellers and parents looking for an alternative to being immunised. - Practical prevention and treatment- Materia Medica- Notes for travellers and parents- Includes meningitis C.
    € 9,95
  5. Essential Oils

    Neal's Yard Remedies' guide to essential oils contains all you need to know about essential oils and how to use them to improve health, ease stress and treat ailments.
    € 13,50