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Rosina Sonnenschmidt

Book Author Full Name: Rosina Sonnenschmidt

Books by this Author

  1. Liver and Gallbladder - Acquired Authority

    The place where disease manifests within the organ system is deeply significant. This is the site of conflict, but where there is conflict there is also the opportunity for resolution – and in resolution lies cure.The liver is the focus of the second volume in the series Organ – Conflict – Cur ...
    € 29,00
  2. Sensory Organs Wonders of Communication

    The five senses are a wonder of communication and represent our gateway to the outer world. All five senses are necessary to comprehend the world in a holistic way. If we develop the intuitive correlation between these senses – our clairvoyant senses – we are capable of perceiving the world in a deeper and more extensive way and...
    € 29,00
  3. Brain and Nervous System Blossoming Spirituality

    Even if human consciousness is found in every cell, the brain is a marvel that can be shaped throughout an entire lifetime. Brain and nerve activities are the quickest rhythms that determine our human existence.This speed clearly manifests itself in our fast-moving modern age. Every possible pause in the constant drive for action has...
    € 29,00
  4. Female and Male Sexual Organs Self-Realisation

    Human beings represent polarity. The laws of nature are in effect within us through cycles, synergies and rhythms. Conception and fertility are the primal matrix of life. Our consciousness is capable of using these elemental forces for healthy offspring and spiritual advancement. No achievements are possible without both the female and the...
    € 29,00
  5. Endocrine Glands - Spiritual Power Sources

    No organ system has such a close relationship to spirituality as the glands. The individual glands are directly related to the energy centres of the body, the chakras. This holistic appraisal of the system of endocrine glands aims to consider the physical and energetic effectiveness of the glands, appraise their conflicts, and harmonize their...
    € 29,00
  6. Heart and Circulation

    When what we do comes from our heart, we do it with sincerity, integrity and love without thoughts of practical benefits or calculation. The heart energy is the higher octave of the solar-plexus energy, and matters of the heart do not tolerate even a hint of guile. When another person is heartless, this affects us more than when someone runs...
    € 25,00
  7. Homeopathy for Radioactivity

    How do we deal with something which can’t be smelt, seen or heard, which drifts silently around the globe on the wind and which leaves dangerous traces in its wake? We humans created atomic power and now have to cope with the consequences.In her latest work, the well-known author Rosina Sonnen ...
    € 19,80
  8. Kidneys and Bladder - Basis of Self Realisation

    The kidney energy encompasses issues such as security, resoluteness and stability. If something “gets you in the kidneys” (as in the German phrase), it generates an existential anxiety about the ground under your feet giving way.There are comprehensive descriptions of diseases affecting the ki ...
    € 29,00
  9. Respiratory System - Life and Consciousness

    The focal point of this book is the respiratory system, the breathing, and the approach to the process of breathing from a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual viewpoint. Rosina Sonnenschmidt goes well beyond the usual understanding of breathing, which she conceptualizes as a complex syst ...
    € 29,00
  10. The Way to Your Ideal Weight

    People who are overweight subconsciously feel that they are too light. They lack grounding and try to make themselves heavier with physical food. Underweight people feel that they are too heavy, and make themselves lighter by going without food.This astonishingly simple explanation has been co ...
    € 34,00
  11. Blood - Fluid Consciousness

    The first volume concerns the blood. The expressions “blood revenge” and “blood sacrifice” themselves reflect the extreme aspects connected with this theme. Rosina Sonnenschmidt explores the various blood parameters and blood groups and considers their significance. She shows how the formation, qual ...
    € 29,00
  12. Digestive Organs - Pathway to the Centre

    Our digestive system stretches from the mouth to the anus. In-between, there are numerous processes of transformation, both physical and metaphorical. Stomach and gut problems are often the start of a long journey through chronic disease, because we have lost our connection with the centre of our be ...
    € 29,00
  13. Locomotor System Progress on All Levels

    The mobility of body and soul forms an unbreakable unity. Constriction in thinking, feeling and acting also restricts the physical mobility. Every chronic disease is accompanied by stiffness or disorders of the body rhythm, as well as acidification and accumulation of waste substances. In the eleventh volume of the Organ-Conflict-Cure...
    € 25,00