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Roger Morrison

Book Author Full Name: Roger Morrison

Books by this Author

  1. Desktop Guide to Keynotes and Confirmatory Symptoms

    Seven years in the writing, this work covers 290 remedies. It is based on classical sources and the author's own experience, but especially on his studies with George Vithoulkas. Remedy descriptions are organized as follows: Where appropriate, each remedy has a general description, mental symptoms, ...
    € 59,95
  2. Desktop Companion to Physical Pathology

    This is a companion book to Desktop Guide containing 50 of the most common pathologies with reference to homeopathic management, repertory analysis and differential diagnosis of remedies.Intended for use by practicing homeopaths. ...
    € 72,25
  3. Carbon

    Carbon is the foundation of all life. It is the most prolific element, found in more molecules than all of the other elements combined. An entire subdivision of the field of chemistry, organic chemistry is devoted solely to the study of Carbon. Furthermore, some of our oldest and best-proved homeopa ...
    € 119,75
  4. Chart of Carbon Remedies

    Main Themes of CarbonConfusion/Intoxication- Vacant- Lost/Disoriented-Sinking/DownwardIsolation-Poverty-Loss of Identity Other ThemesFire/Combustion/Explosion-Ghosts-Longig for Past/ Homesick- Sarcasm-Shock Physical SymptomsChemical Sensitivity-Sudden...
    € 12,95
  5. A Collection of Case Records

    In this work there is a collection of Dr Roger Morrisons lectures along with a questionnaire to test mental faculty of the audience. The book is having essences of various drugs, to give a gist of remedy on general and particular platform. Various steps in case analysis such as essence, totality, and keynotes have been described. Roger has...
    € 9,45

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  6. Psychiatric Disorders With Relevent Remedies

    physical game rather its all about severe mental work-out. This exaggerated mental labour usually brings on deteriorated psychiatric disorders like anxiety, fear, phobia, panic disorders, mania, depression, etc. This is a compilation of exclusive lectures on psychiatric disorders and their relevance in homeopathy. The mental disorders are...
    € 8,45
  7. Miasms of the New Millennium

    The result of years of study and careful analysis by two master homeopaths, Miasms of the New Millennium makes the ten miasms vivid and alive in a way no other work has done. With the words of patients informing every page, the book presents detailed descriptions of the themes, language, and confirmatory...
    € 64,25
  8. The Essence of Various Groups

    In this work there is a collection of Dr Roger Morrison and Dr Nancy Herricks lectures on some of the key remedies of Materia Medica, where they give highlighting feature of the remedies, which is important while prescribing. Essence of various individual drugs are elaborated by the speakers. Case reports have been given, thereby taking you...
    € 11,95