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Robin Murphy

Book Author Full Name: Robin Murphy

Books by this Author

  1. Epidemics and Homeopathy

    Case taking, potency selection, use of nosodes and preventative measures. AIDS, cholera, diarrhea, dysentery, hepatitis, measles, vaccinations, whooping cough, worms.
    € 99,00
  2. Acute Precribing

    Homeopathic Prescribing: History and principles of homeopathy. Homeopathic prescribing methods including case taking and case management, potency selection and repetition of dose. Various schools and levels of homeopathic prescribing are reviewed. Comparing Hahnemann and Kentian prescribing methods. Hahnemann's Organon, acute and...
    € 89,50
  3. Homeopathy and Cancer - The Philosophy and Clinical Experiences of A.H. Grimmer, MD

    This book is the result of a Homeopathic Research Project in 1979.
    € 79,50
  4. Skin Disorders

    Herpes, shingles, eczema, psoriasis, ringworm, cysts, acne, dermatitis, impetigo, warts, abscesses, ulcers, hives. Repertory study of skin conditions.
    € 69,93
  5. Fevers and Infections

    Fevers in general and in relation to case taking, vitality and fevers, types and stages of fevers, potencies, aggravations. Whooping cough, meningitis, influenza, pneumonia, hepatitis, mononucleosis, sexually transmitted diseases, bladder and kidney infections, gonorrhea, mastitis, AIDS and ARC, herpes, shingles, impetigo and vaginitis.
    € 89,50
  6. Eyes, Ears and Nose

    Eye injuries and surgery, cataracts, blindness, conjunctivitis, retinal remedies in general, corneal ulcers, styes, glaucoma, iritis, ear infections, ruptured eardrums, sinusitis, past nasal drip, nosebleeds, polyps, hay fever, allergic asthma.
    € 62,16
  7. Dental, Mouth and Throat

    Teething, toothaches, dental surgery, TMJ and jaw disorders, bruxism, cavities. Remedies for amalgams and their removal. Thrush, strep and herpes infections, adenoids, tonsillitis, laryngitis, speech problems.
    € 88,00
  8. Cancer Prescribing 2

    Updated and new information, including the principles of healing cancer, psychological profile and etiology. Carcinosin as a remedy and the cancer miasm. Differentials on various cancers include cervical, liver, bone, lung, colon, thyroid, glands, ovarian, uterine, prostate and radiation sickness.
    € 89,50
  9. Natural Remedies 2

    Set of CDsNatural Remedies for Chronic Disease 2: Natural health philosophy. Natural detox methods. Homeopathic and Natural Remedies for Allergies, ADHD, Asthma, Arthritis, Bowel disease, and Sinusitis. Medicinal Charcoal for detoxification and healing. Castor oil therapy. Homeopathic Remedies, Herbal and Food Tonics.
    € 69,93
  10. Natural Remedies 1

    8 audio CDs.Natural Remedies for Chronic Diseases: Natural health philosophy. Homeopathic prescribing methods, Diabetes and Hypoglycemia, High Blood Pressure, Heart Problems, Stroke, Hormonal problems, Menopause, Thyroid disorders, Osteoporosis, Bone disorders. Homeopathic Remedies, Herbal and Food Tonics.
    € 69,93
  11. Special Topics

    Set of CDsSpecial Topics: Review of the homeopathic treatment of the most common chronic diseases. Homeopathic case taking and case analysis. Therapeutics for diabetes, allergies, arthritis, joint problems, obesity, hormone disorders, hypersensitivity, etc.
    € 69,93
  12. Geriactrics and Hygiene

    € 69,93
  13. Epidemics and Homeopathy Seminar Notes

    Related Item: Epidemics and Homeopathy Seminar CD Set
    € 14,95
  14. Psychological Disorders

    Poor confidence, grief, dwelling on the past, anticipation, forsaken, despair, jealousy, guilt, phobias, depression, suicidal disposition, manic depression, mania, anorexia, bulimia, insomnia.
    € 69,93
  15. Gastroenterology

    Ulcers, constipation, colitis, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, liver problems, appendicitis, gall bladder symptoms, diet and diabetes. Reviews remedies for GI system. Skin Disorders. Herpes, shingles, eczema, psoriasis, ringworm, cysts, acne, dermatitis, impetigo, warts, abscesses, ulcers, hives. Repertory study of skin...
    € 88,00
  16. MetaRepertory: Mind-Body-Clinical Index of Homeopathic Remedies (2018 Edition) (4th Edition)

    The New 4th Edition of the Homeopathic Clinical Repertory Book: 3 Sections, (Mind, Body, Clinical) and 49 Chapters, 2,630 pages
    € 89,25
  17. Vaccination Disorders

    Vaccination Remedies: Homeopathy and vaccinations. Vaccination history and philosophy. Acute and Chronic Side Effects. Childhood Vaccinations. MMR, DPT, Autism and Vaccinations, etc. Anthrax, diphtheria, hepatitis, influenza, measles, mumps, poliomyelitis, smallpox, tuberculosis, and whooping cough. Reviews vaccination remedies from...
    € 89,50
  18. Superfood Wellness Guide

      Book OutlineIntroduction to Superfood tonics and their traditional and modern uses.1. Superfood Tonics A-Z, (Materia Medica) Over 125 foods are reviewed with recipes. 2. Therapeutic Index A-Z, (Repertory) A Guide the...
    € 62,50
  19. Herbal Wellness Guide

      Book OutlineIntroduction to Herbal tonics and their traditional and modern uses.1. Herbal Tonics A-Z, (Materia Medica) Over 125 remedies are reviewed with recipes.2. Therapeutic Index A-Z, (Repertory) A Guide the therapeutic uses...
    € 62,50
  20. IN REPRINT: Keynote Materia Medica

    Abrotanum to Zingiber - Vivid remedy images and keynote symptoms of 275 Homeopathic Remedies transcribed from Dr. Murphy's lectures and notes.
    € 49,25
  21. Tautopathic Remedies

    Tautopathic Remedies:History of tautopathy, Case taking, Potency selection, using Allopathic Drugs, Preventative measures. Therapeutics given for Antibiotics, Chemical Toxins, Drug Addictions, Drug Toxicity, Detoxification, Metals, Air Pollution, Reviews Tautopathic and Toxicity remedies from Robin Murphy's Homeopathic...
    € 89,50
  22. Women's Health Care

    Introduction to women's health care, casetaking, repertorization and potency selection. Includes a review of common hormonal imbalances with the menses, pregnancy and sexual functions, sterility and infertility, amenorrhea, problems during pregnancy, (morning sickness, miscarriage), problems during labor, fibroids, mastitis, ovarian...
    € 89,50
  23. Emergencies and First Aid

    Emergencies and First Aid Introduction to homeopathic emergency prescribing. Topics include the treatment of injuries, sprains, wounds, allergic reactions, food and chemical poisoning, animal and insect bites. Differentiates the use of remedies for burns, sunstroke, frostbite, dehydration, physical and emotional shock, rape. Also, acute pain,...
    € 77,00
  24. Commentary on Organon of Medicine

    In continuation of our endeavor to bring to you the best of literature on homeopathic philosophy, we are presenting Hahnemann's Organon of Medicine, Sixth Edition, with Robin Murphy's Commentary on Easy Homeopathic Practice ...
    € 18,50
  25. Case Analysis and Prescribing Techniques

    Case taking is the most important part of homeopathic professional treatment, and an art which can decide not only the progress of a patient but the final outcome of the case as well. In order to make this an enjoyable and rewarding experience, we introduce Robin Murphy's Case Analysis and Prescribing Techniques, a book written by the...
    € 9,95
  26. Nervous Disorders

    Alzheimer's disease, Bell's palsy, chronic fatigue, epilepsy, convulsions, fainting, headaches, migraines, memory problems, narcolepsy, motion sickness, multiple sclerosis, paralysis, Parkinson's disease, sleep disorders, strokes, coma, vertigo.
    € 89,50
  27. Musculoskeletal Disorders

    Carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder, back injuries, bone remedies, sacral-iliac problems, slipped disks, TMJ, whiplash, sciatica, bursitis, ankylosing spondylitis and tendonitis.
    € 109,00
  28. Environmental Remedies - Seminar Notes

    Covers the removal of environmental pollutants and chemical toxins. Explains about toxin layers in the body, how they relate to allergies and hypersensitives, toxic overdose and detoxification methods. Reviews the Environmental Materia Medica and Therapeutics which includes pesticides, herbicides, metallic poisons, chemical poisons, radiation...
    € 39,95
  29. Environmental Remedies

    Set of 8 CDs
    € 89,50
  30. Breast Cancer Research

    Set of 12 CDs
    € 89,50
  31. Clinical Philosophy and Practice 4

    Introduction to LM prescribing, Hahnemann's LM and water potencies discussed in depth. Outlines dose adjustments for hypersensitives. Topics include: Homeopathic clinical philosophy, Hahnemann's Organon and concepts of health and disease. Homeopathic pharmacy and prescribing techniques. This booklet contains 9...
    € 88,00
  32. Clinical Philosophy and Practice 3

    Continues the Organon Philosophy and Practice and discusses the Principles of Health, reviews signs of health, and provides an analysis of remedy reactions.
    € 69,93
  33. Clinical Philosophy and Practice 1

    Provides an introduction to LM Prescribing. Hahnemann’s LM and water potency are discussed in depth. Outlines dosage adjustments for hypersensitives and includes case taking and a brief LM pharmacy review.
    € 69,93
  34. Rasa Gemstone Essences

    Rasa Gemstone Essences: this two day seminar reviews the following topics: Ayurveda and Homeopathy, Ayurvedic Philosophy, Ayurvedic Pharmacy, Rasayana Remedies, Detoxification Remedies, Water Essences and Tonics. Gem History and Folklore. Gems and Medical Astrology, Homeopathic Gem Remedies, Rasa Essences and Tonics, Homeopathic...
    € 69,93
  35. Keynotes Materia Medica 1

    Clinical Keynotes are given for over 251 remedies from Abrotanum to Zinzibar. Many polycrest and rare remedies are discussed with their practical clinical application emphasized.
    € 89,50
  36. New, Old and Forgotten Remedies

    Many rare and peculiar remedies are presented with their practical application emphasized. Remedy groups discussed include insect and spider venom, radioactive, magnetic and imponderables, remedies from our environment and rare remedies with potential new uses. Selected topics on philosophy include health and longevity, various ways of...
    € 77,70
  37. Materia Medica Keynotes 4

    The 4 tape-set series, (of which this set is the 4th), contains clinical keynotes for over 251 remedies from Abrotanum to Zinziber. Polycrest and rare remedies are discussed with their practical clinical application emphasized.
    € 62,16
  38. Rasayana and Rejeuvination

    Rejuvenation And Longevity. This Seminar Covers Oriental Health Philosophy As It Pertains To Aging And Longevity. Topics Include: Anti-Aging Research, Longevity And Lifestyle, Constitutional Regeneration,Satvic Diet And Nutrition, Rejuvenation Methods, Fasting And Detoxification, Urine Therapy, Raw Food, Lucid Dreaming And Natural Remedies.
    € 89,50
  39. Nature's Materia Medica

    * Nature's Materia Medica is the 3rd edition of the Homeopathic Remedy Guide. Over 1,400 Homeopathic and Herbal remedies from around the world are reviewed as to their homeopathic, herbal and historical uses. * Nature's Medica Medica has been entirely updated with spelling and grammer co ...
    € 89,25
  40. Clinical Philosophy and Practice 2

    Introduction to LM prescribing, Hahnemann's LM and water potencies discussed in depth. Outlines dose adjustments for hypersensitives. Topics include: Homeopathic clinical philosophy, Hahnemann's Organon and concepts of health and disease. Homeopathic pharmacy and prescribing techniques.This booklet contains 9...
    € 88,00
  41. Case Analysis and Philosophy

    Philosophy, case taking, case analysis, Organon, mistakes in prescribing, vital force, definition of health, etiologies, miasms. Cases analyzed with follow-up.
    € 93,24
  42. Children's Health Care

    Problems at birth, sore throats, ear infections, respiratory problems, bed wetting, worms, abused children, hyperactivity, learning disabilities, autism, the vaccination issue, case taking and general children's remedies.
    € 88,00
  43. Isopathic Remedies -Seminar Notes

    Covers the removal of acute and chronic miasmatic layers, mixed miasms, and chronic infection. Explains the use of sarcodes, nosodes, autopathic remedies and preventative isopathy. Reviews the Isopathic Materia Medica and use of therapeutics, when dealing with bacteria, viruses, cancer, vaccination and epidemics.
    € 39,50
  44. Tautopathic Remedies - Notes

    Describes Allopathic and chemical toxins. Explains drug abuse and overdose, craving and addiction, and detoxification methods. Reviews the Tautopathic Materia Medica and use of therapeutics, including antibiotics, hormones, stimulants, sedatives, and street drugs.
    € 39,50
  45. Isopathic Remedies

    Set of 9 CDs
    € 69,93
  46. Twelve Cell Salts

    Twelve Cell Salts: The history and clinical uses of the twelve cell salts. How to prescribe the cell salts as constitutional remedies and mineral tonics. Homeopathy and the tissue remedies. Diet, health and nutritional topics are also covered. The various cell salts and herbal remedies used in combination are reviewed. Biochemic...
    € 89,50
  47. Psychological Repertory

    Review of psychology rubrics from the Homeopathic Medical Repertory. Includes two cases taken in class with analysis with several paper cases.
    € 93,24
  48. Organon and LM Prescribing

    Modern schools of homeopathy and their methods of practice are evaluated and reviewed. Topics include Hahnemann's Organon and concepts of health and disease, introduction to LM prescribing, water potencies, homeopathic pharmacy techniques and Hahnemann's LM research. Also, organ remedies, treatment of addictions and sample cases.
    € 77,70
  49. Organopathic Remedies

    History and development of organopathic therapy. Materia medica for heart, lungs, liver and kidneys, Stannum met., Digitalis, Crataegus, Ammonia carb., Dolichos, Sabal ser., and Carduus mar. Discusses emphysema and chronic case presentations.
    € 69,93
  50. Medical Alchemy and Paracelsus

    € 89,50
  51. Miasm Prescribing

    Miasms are the underlying susceptible weakness from which various acute and chronic diseases manifest. Miasmatic theories (both classical and modern theory). Diagnosing different types of miasms (active, dormant, exposed, acquired or inherited). Use of nosodes as intercurrent medicines, materia medica of Tuberculinum, Syphillinum,...
    € 89,50
  52. Miasms and Immunity

    Updated information on the theory of 5 major miasms and their relationship to the immune system. Diagnosing various types of miasms and their treatment with indicated remedies. Reviews mistakes when treating miasms. ...
    € 69,93
  53. Case Analysis and Philosophy Seminar Transcripts

    A comprehensive course of homeopathic philosophy as applied to case taking and case analysis techniques. Includes such topics as the Organon, common mistakes in prescribing, the vital force, and a definition of health, etiologies, miasms, and case management. Also includes sample cases with analysis and follow--up.
    € 19,43

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  54. Homeopathic Clinical Repertory

    The third editon of The Homeopathic Clinical Repertory was designed to be a complete rewrite and major upgrade of the Homeopathic Medical Repertory, second edition. My attempt has always been to create a new and easy-to-use repertory for homeopaths to use in daily practice, while still remaining acc ...
    € 79,00

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