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Rajan Sankaran

Book Author Full Name: Rajan Sankaran

Books by this Author

  1. The Art of Follow-Up

    It is often said that it is easier to come to a remedy selection than managing the follow-up. Some of the difficulties that arise in follow-up management include how and when to repeat a remedy, when to alter the potency, when to change the remedy and so on. When mastered, the art of follow-up is the key to developing a successful and...
    € 17,95
  2. La Sustancia de la Homeopatia (spanish)

    El editor: En su primer trabajo "El Espíritu de la Homeopatía" Rajan Sankaran penetra profundamente en la homeopatía filosófica e introduce muchas ideas originales y de gran valor para el practicante. Este libro, a pesar de generar algunas controversias, ha sido muy bien aceptado y acogido por los profesionales....
    € 48,95
  3. El Espiritu De La Homeopatia (Spanish)

    Hacía tiempo que la teoría y la práctica de la homeopatía nohabían sido enriquecidas con nuevos conceptos. Con suenfoque inteligente y creativo, el Dr. Sankaran, célebre clínicode Bombay, nos lleva en su última obra hacia vías jamásexploradas. Este libro está...
    € 43,25
  4. Sensación Vital en Homeopatía

    Sensacion Vital en Homeopatia ...
    € 50,50
  5. Tarentula Hispanica

    A concise work on the custom,provings & picture of the spider with complete record of different cases.Information on other spiders have also been included.
    € 5,95
  6. Homeopathy the Science of Healing

    This work is an attempt to help find homoeopathic medicines a place in the common man’s medicinal chest. It provides an effectual cure for some of the common ailments encountered in everyday life like flatulence; cough etc. the highlight of the book being its simplified language and the schematic presentation that makes it all the more...
    € 5,95
  7. DVD: Rajan Sankaran erklärt seine Neue Methode

    Im Oktober 2007 gab Dr. Rajan Sankaran ein außergewöhnliches Seminar. Es zielte darauf ab, die Teilnehmer von Beginn an zu den neuesten Entwicklungen in der Theorie und Praxis dieser neuen Methode zu führen, die immer mehr Anerkennung in der homöopathischen Welt erlangt. Dr. Sankaran, von dem...
    € 29,25
  8. Lets Talk About Talking (DVD)

    Rajan Sankaran, M.D. (Hom), FSHom (UK) is a thinker, writer and teacher in the Homoeopathic system of medicine. Internationally known for his path-breaking concepts and innovative approach in the system, he is one of the most popular teachers in the field. His seminars and lectures are greatly appre ...
    € 21,50
  9. Spirit, Song and Sensation (4 DVD's)

    Set Of 4 DVDs with a total of 5 hours video seminar and case taking plus powerpoints slides.English original version.Through his writings and lectures, Dr. Sankaran has had a profound influence on many modern homeopaths' methods of practice. He is particularly well-known for develo ...
    € 89,00
  10. Sankaran's Tabellen - Neue

    Sankaran's Lehre in komprimierter tabellarischer Form. Beinhaltet eine Übersicht über die 3 Reiche Pflanzen, Tiere und Minerale und Miasmenzuordnung von einzelnen Substanzen sowie Essenzen von Sankaran's Anamnesetechnik, Fallow-up, Grad der Empfindung u.a. Neueste deutsche Ausgabe. ...
    € 47,25
  11. El Esquema de Sankaran (spanish)

    El editor: Desde los síntomas al sistema Desde la mente-cuerpo a la fuerza vital Desde lo humano a lo no propiamente humano Desde la confusión a la claridad Desde la arbitrariedad a un método especifico Para incrementar los niveles de éxito … que podamos alcanzar la profundidad, ¡Que el espíritu...
    € 34,75
  12. An Insight Into Plants Vol - III

    The earlier two volumes of An Insight into Plants described twenty-oneFamilies with how to come to the common sensation of each family andhow each remedy in a family could be classified into a specific miasm,thus making a kind of grid of the families and miasms enablingPracti ...
    € 79,00
  13. Synergy Synopsis

    Synergy denotes the coming together of two or more things to create an effect that is  much greater than their sum. In Homoeopathic practice, using different approaches in tandem produces the best results. The utilization of traditional Homoeopathic tools such as Materia Medica and the Repertory (left-brain approach) in...
    € 14,95
  14. Synergie homöopathischer Ansätze

    Die traditionelle klassische Homöopathie mit Symptomen, Rubriken und Leitsymptomen hat sich über all die Jahre bewährt. Die Einführung neuer, zeitgemäßer Ideen bezüglich Naturreich, Ebenen, Miasmen und Empfindung haben der Homöopathie eine neue Dimension...
    € 58,00
  15. From Similia to Synergy

    From Similia to Synergy guides the reader through the full spectrum of homœopathic knowledge. Dr Sankaran demonstrates integration with actual case studies. Case-taking discourses have been transcribed and parsed to allow the reader to understand Sankaran’s thought processes. This has been an evolutionary...

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  16. Le Schéma de Sankaran

    Une vue d’ensemble complète du système de pensée de Sankaran, comprenant les miasmes et le règne végétal. La présentation de cet ouvrage en forme de tableaux est particulièrement utile pour des prescriptions rapides et réussies, selon le système de Sankaran.
    € 39,50

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  17. Survival - The Reptile, Vol-1 and 2

    The class of reptiles in the animal kingdom is an array of creatures from the lizards to the extinct gigantic dinosaurs that includes the shelled turtles and tortoises, the huge and powerfully built crocodiles and alligators, and the limbless, slithering snakes.What do reptiles have in c ...
    € 109,00
  18. Die Seele Der Heilmittel

    Hundert Heilmittel in ihrem inneren Wesen und ihre klinischen Ausdrucksformen, überprüft und in kurzen Umrissen dargestellt. ...
    € 44,75
  19. Das Geistige Prinzip Der Homoopathie

    'Lange Zeit gab es wenig Veröffentlichungen von eigenständigem Denken, was Theorie und Praxis der Homöopathie anbetrifft...Mit Sankarans neuem Buch haben wir etwas Brandneues und Interessantes, was vor Ideen dieses berühmten Klinikers aus Bombay birst...Das Buch ist in vier Abschnitte aufgetei ...
    € 41,75
  20. Die Empfindung in Der Homoopathie

    Dieses lang erwartete Buch beschreibt mil Hilfe von vielen Fallbeispielen das Konzept und die Anwendung von Rajan Sankaran's neuestem und vielleicht signifikantestem Beitrag, den 'Sieben Ebenen der Erfahrung', welche einen Homöopathen befähigen, zu jeder Zeit und in jeder Fallaufnahme zu wissen, wo ...
    € 91,75
  21. Het Wezen van de Homeopathie

    Deze vertaling van The Spirit of homeopathy is het eerste boek van de serie van Sankaran die vol met interessante en controversiële ideeën staat. Sankaran presenteert zijn concept van ziekte als waanvoorstelling. Hij laat zien hoe opmerkingen van patiënten en observaties vertaald kunnen worden ...
    € 33,00
  22. Sensation refined

    The method is now clearer, easier and more refined than ever before.This book consolidates a system, the process of which began in the ‘The Spirit of Homeopathy’ and carried on to ‘The Sensation in Homoeopathy’. Since the latter was written, there has been much progress in the Sensation ...
    € 69,25
  23. The Substance of Homeopathy

    In the 'Spirit', Rajan presented his concept of disease as delusion. Here, he shows how delusions can be classified using Hahnemann's theory of miasma. With numerous illustrative cases, he shows how this classification can be used as a map of disease to facilitate remedy selection. Next, a detailed ...
    € 49,50

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  24. The sensation in Homeopathy

    This much awaited book describes, using numerous case examples, the concept and use of Dr. Rajan Sankaran’s latest, and perhaps most significant contribution 'The Seven Levels of Experience' that enables a homeopath to know at all times, in any given case, where to begin and where to aim. In this wa ...
    € 89,25

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  25. An Insight Into Plants (2 Volume Set)

    The work on plant families was a milestone in my understanding. Earlier I had laid a lot of emphasis on understanding the mental state of the patient and the remedy, as I saw this as the clearest window to perceive the vital disturbance which we call disease . The development of this line of thinkin ...
    € 121,00

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  26. Provings

    Proving have been and still are the bedrock of the science and practice of Homoeopathy, ever since the first proving of Cinchona by Hahnemann in 1796. After his proving of nearly a hundred remedies there was a lull for many decades and not many new complete provings were added during this time. ...
    € 27,50
  27. The soul of Remedies

    'Darkness of absence of light is ignorance. From that total unknown, the character of the ailment (patient) emerges slowly through observation and information till it becomes clear white, which leads to the concept of remedies.' This book is meant for those who have read 'The Spirit of H ...
    € 51,25

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  28. System of Homeopathy

    This book is the 4th in the series of books published by Dr Rajan Sankaran after the 'Spirit of Homoeopathy' and 'Substance of Homoeopathy' Wherein he explained his understanding of Homoeopathic principles and his approach to case taking and prescribing. This current book explains, in detail, his me ...
    € 72,50

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  29. Einblicke ins Pflanzereich vol 1 and 2

    Dies ist das neuste Buch vom Autor der Bücher 'Das geistige Prinzip der Homöopathie', 'Die Substanz der Homöopathie' und 'Das System der Homöopathie'. Die vorausgegangenen Werke vertieften die Konzepte der Wahnidee, der Miasmen und der Naturreiche und waren Meilensteine in der Entwicklung der Homöop ...
    € 82,95
  30. Das System Der Homoopathie

    In diesem Buch illustriert Dr. Sankaran seine Methode der Fallaufnahme, der Fallanalyse und der Weiterbetreuung. Aus der Schilderung von fünfunddreissig detaillierten Fällen und einigen kurzen Fallgeschichten erwächst ein System der Homöopathie. ...
    € 59,50
  31. Sankaran's Plant Sensations in Pictures

    It gives me great pleasure to write the foreword to this book. Initially when Sandra Petri approached me with her manuscript I felt that this would be a useful addition to the books on sensation since it gives a visual impression of the sensation of the various plant families. As they say ‘One pictu ...
    € 26,45
  32. Survival Vol 1 Mollusc

    The exploration of the animal kingdom will be laid out in several volumes of the Survival series. . . . . 'Mollusca' is the first of this series. Within are described the qualities of Mollusca in nature, three of its sub-divisions - Bivalvia (oysters, clams...), Gastropoda (limpets, snails...) and C ...
    € 72,50
  33. The Other Song

    Have you ever wondered why the same pattern in your life repeats again andagain though you try to change it? Or why an emotion, thought or feeling occurswithin you, out of proportion to the circumstance that ‘triggered’ it?  Everfelt ‘beside yourself’ or ‘not yourself’ during stres ...
    € 41,85

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  34. Sankaran's Schema

    As “Sankaran’s System” gained popularity all over the world a need was felt to have a ready reference work to the entire body of Dr.Sankaran’s work. The first edition of “Sankaran’s Schema” aimed to bring in a nut shell in a tabulated form the different concepts and information spread over his books ...
    € 44,25
  35. Das Andere Lied

    Was lässt jeden von uns auf seine ganz eigene Weise fühlen, wahrnehmen, erleben und handeln?Wo hat der Stress in Ihrem Leben wirklich seine Ursache?Mit diesen Fragen hat sich der angesehene Arzt Dr. Rajan Sankaran die letzten dreißig Jahre in seiner Praxis beschäftigt, und ihm sind dabei ...
    € 36,75
  36. Die Substanz der Homoopathie und CD

    In seinem vorausgehenden Buch 'Das geistige Prinzip der Homöopathie' tauchte Rajan Sankaran tief in die Philosophie der Homöopathie ein und brachte viele originelle und für den Praktiker wertvolle Ideen hervor. Das Buch löste einige Diskussionen aus und fand bei den homöopathischen Ärzten anerkennen ...
    € 55,50
  37. Synergy in Homeopathy

    Foreword by Dr. Jürgen HanselTraditional Classical Homoeopathy, with symptoms, rubrics and keynotes has stood the test of time. Introduction of newer, more contemporary ideas of kingdom, levels, miasms and sensation have brought Homoeopathy into a new paradigm. Never before has the ...
    € 56,95
  38. Structure, Experience with the Mineral Kingdom 2 volumes

    “After elaborating on his kingdom idea and the sensation level, DR. RAJAN SANKARAN has been consolidating these with a look into each kingdom. STRUCTURE is the second of a trilogy on the various kingdoms, the first being an insight into plants and the third being survival (on the animal kingdom).” ...
    € 125,00
  39. Homeopathie en Materie

    Let op: Dit boek komt uit India en ziet er meteen tweedehands uit! Ook al zijn ze nieuw. Hier kunnen we helaas niets aan doen.Dit boek is een aanvulling op het 'Wezen van de homeopathie'. Hij laat zien hoe de waanvoorstelllingen kunnen worden geclassificeerd met gebruikmaking van Hahnema ...
    € 59,50
  40. Die Empfindung, Verfeinerung der Methode

    Die Methode ist heute klarer, verständlicher und verfeinert wie niemals zuvor. Dieses Buch festigt und verdichtet ein System, den Prozeß, der mit dem Buch „Das Geistige Prinzip der Homöopathie' begann und in „Die Empfindung in der Homöopathie' weiterentwickelt wurde. Seit ich „Die Empfindung in der ...
    € 77,25
  41. Einblicke ins Pflanzenreich 3

    Der dritte Band der Reihe "Einblicke ins Pflanzenreich". Sankaran stellt die zentrale Empfindung von weiteren sechs Pflanzenfamilien und dem Pflanzenreich der Pilze dar. Das Werk enthält viele anschauliche Fälle aus Sankarans eigener Praxis und von Kollegen aus der ganzen Welt.Das Buch teilt sich in...
    € 93,95
  42. The Spirit of Homeopathy

    This book is meant for the serious student of Homoeopathy and for those who sincerely want to find answers to questions about health, disease and cure. It does not promise solutions, but it does present an honest search over the past several years and contains some observations and ideas from my pra ...
    € 48,25