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Patricia Le Roux

Book Author Full Name: Patricia Le Roux

Books by this Author

  1. Butterflies

    The well-known French paediatrician Patricia Le Roux ventures in this book into the virtually unknown territory of butterfly remedies in homeopathy. She has found these remedies particularly useful among hyperactive (ADHD) children who are lively, agitated, restless and mercurial. In these “butterfl ...
    € 18,00
  2. The Actinides in Homeopathy

    The well-known pediatrician Patricia Le Roux has again written a groundbreaking work describing the use of actinides in homeopathy. Up to now, there is very little known of the remedies of the seventh series (Uranium series). Patricia Le Roux describes the main themes of those remedies especially in ...
    € 29,00
  3. Metals in Homeopathy

    English translation of Patricia Le Roux’s previous acclaimed essay, “Metals in homeopathy” is the resume of all her work as a paediatrician and as a homeopathist. Whether you believe or not in the power of metals, this book will manage to convince you at least, to change your mind at best. With clea ...
    € 38,00
  4. Hydro Homeopathic energy

    By looking for alternatives, globalization seems to be the last stage of the era of hydrocarbon. As it is the lightest, the easiest and the most common element in the world, hydrogen could become the ‘ everlasting combustible’. What’s more, hydrogen squares with Homeopathy. This book, written by a s ...
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  5. The Homeopathic Treatment of Children

    Interview videoed at The Cancer Congress in Badenweiler, on September 25th - 27th, 2009.DVD, 30 min.Topics: Cancer in children, The Periodic Table, Butterflies remedies, ...
    € 6,00
  6. Les Actinides

    Les études portant sur les substances radioactives sont à ce jour très limitées dans le domaine de l’homéopathie. La célèbre pédiatre Patricia Le Roux explora en pionnière l’utilisation de ces remèdes qui, surtout de nos jours, ont gagné en importance. Dans son œuvre, elle parvient à souligner en quelques mots l’essence des Actinides. Des...
    € 29,00
  7. Homeo-Kids

    A modern materia medica of children's remedies, exceptionally concise and practical. Patricia Le Roux was a leading homeopathic pediatrician, combining in her practice classical methods with the new approaches pioneered by Jan Scholten and Rajan Sankaran. She had the unique gift of getting to the heart of the symptoms found specifically in...
    € 34,00