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Nancy Herrick

Book Author Full Name: Nancy Herrick

Books by this Author

  1. Animal, Mind and Human voices

    This book is a study of Nancy Herrick's latest provings of eight new animal remedies (Milk of Lion, Wolf, Horse, Elephant, Dolphin, Rat blood, Maiasaura bone, Butterfly).From the cover:'There is a moment where homeopathy becomes something much greater - a reflection of the my ...
    € 43,95
  2. Sacred plants, human voices

    Nancy Herrick contributes to homeopathy with the proving of seven new plant remedies (Lotus, Ginseng, Mandragora, Rosa Gallica, Rosa St. Francis, Ayahuasca, and Anhalonium). In her thorough analyses she discovered the themes in the plant and dedicates herself to give a coherent and meaningful descri ...
    € 43,95
  3. Miasms of the New Millennium

    The result of years of study and careful analysis by two master homeopaths, Miasms of the New Millennium makes the ten miasms vivid and alive in a way no other work has done. With the words of patients informing every page, the book presents detailed descriptions of the themes, language, and confirmatory...
    € 64,25