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Manish Bhatia

Book Author Full Name: Manish Bhatia

Books by this Author

  1. Lectures on Organon of Medicine Vol 2

    BOOK CONTENTS    • v Foreword by Louis Klein    • v Preface    • v Introduction    • v § 71    • v Disease Classification (§72-81)        • 72...
    € 18,95
  2. Lectures on Organon of Medicine Vol 1

    This unique book by one of the most loved teachers of Organon of Medicine, fills a void in homeopathic literature. Dr. Bhatia’s lectures on Organon have been widely read by the community though journals as well as in the form of audio lectures. This book is a result of public demand to make all the lectures available in the book...
    € 18,95
  3. The Fireside Book of Homeopathy Tales

    Hahnemann’s discovery was a revolutionary concept in medicine. Rather than suppressing the symptoms of disease, one could use a substance that mimicked the disease and actually cured it. Hahnemann’s method was so successful that it was adopted by thousands of doctors around the world. Before long, Homeopathy was in demand at every...
    € 22,95
  4. Lectures on Organon of Medicine Vol 3

    This third volume of Lectures on Organon of Medicine covers aphorisms 146 to 291. In the same style and clarity of Part I and Part II of Dr. Bhatia’s Lectures on Organon of Medicine, Part III provides the student and practitioner with the same common sense discussion of Hahnemann’s axioms and precepts (the...
    € 29,25

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