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Kate Birch

Book Author Full Name: Kate Birch

Books by this Author

  1. Vaccine Free

    A practical handbook for the homeopathic treatment and prevention of infectious disease. Kate Birch, a mother of two, saw her son fall ill with asthma after being vaccinated. Following the successful homeopathic treatment of her son, she decided to become a homeopath herself and to find alternatives ...
    € 32,00
  2. The Solution - Homeoprophylaxis; The Vaccine Alternative

    Are you questioning the wisdom of current vaccine recommendations? Does something in your gut tell you that the conventional vaccine schedule is not right for your child? Have you asked your doctor about alternatives to vaccines but are still waiting for clear answers? Look no further for answers to how you can protect your child from...
    € 36,25
  3. Glyphosate Free: An Essay on Functional Nutrition and the Homeopathic Clearing of Glyphosate Toxicity

    Glyphosate is one of the most toxic chemicals to life and humans on the planet. It is found in round up and sprayed the world over on all GMO crops, in people's yards, school’s grounds, the sides of the roads and on all food imported into the United States at the dock yards, including organic foods. It has made its way into vaccines,...
    € 24,95