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John Saxton

Book Author Full Name: John Saxton

Books by this Author

  1. Miasms as practical tools

    Chronic disease is the enduring health problem in modern society, and the approach to it represents one of the principal philosophical differences between homeopathic medicine and conventional medicine. Hahnemann's basic concept of miasms provides insights into the understanding and relief of such c ...
    € 18,50
  2. Textbook of Veterinary Homeopathy

    The target reader is the veterinary surgeon who wishes to use homeopathic medicine in their practice. there will be a secondary market in commercial farming and breeding, as well as among the owners of companion animals.'Everything comes to the one who can wait. When I attended my ...
    € 24,75
  3. Hahnemann's Legacy in Modern Homeopathic Practice

    Modern homeopathic practice, whilst moving into new and exciting areas, is still based on the three great works of Hahnemann – the Organon, Chronic Diseases and Materia Medica Pura. Yet these pillars of practice are themselves based on the years of doubts, observation, thoughts and experimentation which are revealed in...
    € 17,95
  4. Bowel Nosodes in Homeopathic Practice (third edition)

    The group of eleven remedies known as the Bowel Nosodes are unique in both their derivation and the opportunities that they offer. Although they have some indications in acute homeopathic prescribing, because of the connection and resonance that they have with the miasmatic forces that are active in ...
    € 33,25