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J. Wichmann

Book Author Full Name: J. Wichmann

Books by this Author

  1. The Natural Relationship of Remedies

    Alle homöopathisch verwendeten Mittel in der Ordnung ihrer biologischen oder chemischen Verwandtschaften, inclusive zahlreicher Mittel aus der Phytotherapie und der Bachblüten. Insgesamt mehr als 1600 Substanzen. Erwähnt sind mehr als 900 Pflanzen, davon 120 nur phytotherapeutisch einges ...
    € 24,50
  2. Lisa and the Mystery of the Little White Globules

    What exactly is homoeopathy and how does it work? Patients of all ages, who have experienced help through this healing method, would like to have these questions answered. – There are many volumes of literature available to the grown ups among them to find information and form their own opinion. Yet it is difficult to find any material on...
    € 12,40
  3. Healing the Homeopathic Way

    Homeopathy works, heals and is easy to explain and understand. All that is needed is a change of perspective to a scientific paradigm that suits homeopathy and on which basis its laws make sense.In the current discussion about the effectiveness of homeopathy, this book gives clear answers and illuminates the historical,...
    € 17,95