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Cancer and Homeopathy

Jean-Lionel Bagot

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Beschikbaarheid: In voorraad

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Cancer treatment has progressed enormously in recent years. However, the therapies often expose patients to side effects which can impair their quality of life. Solving this problem is what has driven Dr. Jean-Lionel Bagot on for over ten years now. With a team of Strasbourg oncologists  he can now offer homeopathy in support of surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormonal therapy. This approach  has been amazingly successful! Homeopathy is surprisingly able to help and support patients
This book details the homeopathic remedies and their dosage by cancer and treatment type, according to the side effects encountered. He also deals with the emotional management of the disease and its therapies.
A first practical guide on the subject, its special quality lies in the detailed recommendations it contains covering all stages of the disease : from diagnosis disclosure to a return to "normal" life. It is easy to read and very simple to follow. It is an invaluable tool, both for patients and for physicians.

"This book contains a wealth of tips and practical advice to manage as best one can the toxicity of treatments and adapt the patient's daily life so that they can cope as well as possible with their disease". Professor Gilles Freyer, Oncologist, Lyon University Teaching Hospital, France

Born in 1957, married to a gynaecologist, and father of five children, Dr. Jean-Lionel Bagot, M.D. is a homeopathic physician, who also graduated in clinical oncology. His special interest is homeopathic supportive care in oncology. A forerunner in this field, he set up the first clinic devoted to supportive care in oncology within a hospital structure. He is also responsible for the teaching of homeopathy at the University of Strasbourg. He has a successful private practice, works in a radiotherapy centre and a palliative care unit in Strasbourg, France.


ISBN 9783944125213
Taal Engels
Auteur Jean-Lionel Bagot
Pagina's 326
Publicatie Datum 2013
Binding Hardback
Uitgever Narayana Verlag
Book Author(s) Jean-Lionel Bagot