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Organon, Filosofie en Methodiek

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  1. Mastering Homeopathy 1 - Accurate Daily Prescribing for a Suucesful Practice

    Mastering Homeopathy 1 - Accurate Daily Prescribing for a Suucesful Practice

    Engels - Paperback
    Every practitioner wants to hear their patient say 'I'm better'. Sometimes, our mission in finding the correct remedy, in the first consultation, can be daunting... Meer
    € 32,95
  2. Organon of Medicine

    Organon of Medicine

    Engels - Paperback
    In the early 19th century, Samuel Hahnemann, a German medical doctor, discovered that he could profoundly stimulate healing by giving his patients very small... Meer
    € 12,95
  3. The Trituration Handbook

    The Trituration Handbook

    Engels - Paperback
    The first publication of its kind - a practical and clear guide to the process of trituration as well as an introductory text to the trituration movement which... Meer
    € 19,75
  4. Homoeopathy and Patterns in the periodic table

    Homoeopathy and Patterns in the periodic table

    Engels - Paperback
    Bhawisha Joshi is popular for her insight into Noble gases and her extensive work on mineral remedies. In this book, she has put together a complete... Meer
    € 64,95
  5. A practical guide to methods of homeopathic prescribing

    A practical guide to methods of homeopathic prescribing

    Engels - Paperback
    This book is very competent exploration of the better tested methods used by homeopaths in clinical practice and is a good introduction to homeopathy. It provides... Meer
    € 16,95
  6. Imagine Homeopathy

    Imagine Homeopathy

    Engels - Paperback
    Highly effective and fun approach to learning and retaining all of the important concepts of homeopathy- Each chapter explores a concept through the lens of... Meer
    € 39,95
  7. Metals in Homeopathy

    Metals in Homeopathy

    Engels - Hardback
    English translation of Patricia Le Rouxs previous acclaimed essay, Metals in homeopathy is the resume of all her work as a paediatrician and as a homeopathist.... Meer
    € 38,00
  8. Hydro Homeopathic energy

    Hydro Homeopathic energy

    Engels - Paperback
    By looking for alternatives, globalization seems to be the last stage of the era of hydrocarbon. As it is the lightest, the easiest and the most common element... Meer
    € 27,50
  9. Chakra Prescribing and Homeopathy

    Chakra Prescribing for Homoeopathy

    Engels - Paperback
    From a new generation of homopathy, reading this book - the reader undergoes a journey from matter to spirit through the seven chakras. This not only awakens the... Meer
    € 23,25
  10. Praxis - Method of Complexity volume 1 and 2

    Praxis: Method of Complexity - The Search of Coherence in Clinical Phenomena (2 Volume Set)

    Engels - Paperback
    Massimo Mangialavori's most recent books to be published, Praxis Volumes 1 and 2, have been a long time coming. Printed in Italian and German several years ago,... Meer
    € 84,95
  11. Homeopathy and Human Evolution

    Homeopathy and Human Evolution

    Engels - Paperback
    Controversial, provocative or inspirational, this book shows how homopathy can become a vehicle for personal and planetary growth. Includes chapters on karma,... Meer
    € 12,75
  12. Signatures, Miasms, Aids

    Signatures, Miasms, Aids

    Engels - Paperback
    Misha's depth of understanding and philosophical outlook shine through in this wonderfully fascinating book full of original thought and unforgettable remedy... Meer
    € 26,95
85 - 96 van 157 items