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Homeopathy - An A to Z Home Handbook

Alan V. Schmukler

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A good, general introduction to down-to-earth homeopathy. As he presents a comprehensive list of conditions and their homeopathic indications, the author is mindful of how useful this book would be i any crisis - natural disasters, antibiotic resistant infections of bioterrorism - when the medical system becomes overwhelmed. Includes making remedies from scratch and remedies for various occupations.

Here are some of the reasons this book is special:
* Itcovers both common and serious illnesses.
* It offers more remedies to choose from, so you can really individualize the remedy.
* Each of the thousands of remedy descriptions are carefully worded so you can easily distinguish among them.
* It is concise and written without medical terminology. Each of the medical conditions is described in a single paragraph of the most important information.


ISBN 9780738708737
Taal Engels
Auteur Alan V. Schmukler
Pagina's 351
Publicatie Datum 2006-07-08
Binding Paperback