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Frederik Schroyens

Book Author Full Name: Frederik Schroyens

Books by this Author

  1. Synthesis 9.1: English Edition

    The structure of the repertory has been simplified, and related information has been brought together by moving the descriptions of pain to the last level.In Synthesis 9.1, several descriptions of pain are now subrubrics of the same modality. Their remedies have been copied to the analogous superrub ...
    € 138,00
  2. 1001 Small Remedies

    Materia Medica extracted from Synthesis 5 with unique symptoms of the major remedies."1001 Small Remedies" is a great Materia Medica with a nice title, because it alludes to the Book of The 1001 Nights with good reason. Not that this materia medica is a fancy fairy tale. It is solely based on symptoms from the...
    € 19,00
  3. The Essential Synthesis

    The repertory that incorporates 11,368 additions and corrections in Kent’s 2nd edition, as well as 333 hand-written additions of Kent making it more accurate, complete and accessible. A chapter of Veterinary information, symptoms, remedies and a list of veterinary concepts have been inserted. It is built with strict criteria of No...
    € 99,50
  4. Synthesis 7,0

    Almost 200,000 true and repeatedly checked additions throughout all chapters from more than 300 sources including all reliable classical authors by priority. No useless repetition of identical rubrics." "Thousands of corrections to Kent's Repertory with the source of each correction clearly indicated. Insufficiently clear symptoms have been...
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  5. Synthesis deel 1 Psyche/mind

    Een uitgebreid repertorium van de mind. ...
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  6. Synthesis 8.1

    Synthesis 8.1 : la dernière version de Synthesis en langue française. Le Synthesis a depuis longtemps sa place comme répertoire standard international et a incorporé au fil des éditions les répertoires de Bönninghausen, Boger et autres auteurs importants. Le Synthesis est en fait...
    € 115,00