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Edward Whitmont

Book Author Full Name: Edward Whitmont

Books by this Author

  1. Psyche and Substance

    Providing an understanding of the nature of the archetypal form-patterns that express themselves in the similarity between substance and psychosomatic dynamics, this collection explores why this similarity is a basic factor in the healing process. ...
    € 16,95
  2. Alchemy Healing Psyche Soma

    In The Alchemy of Healing Dr. Edward C. Whitmont explores the major themes of illness, health, and the practice of medicine. Uniquely qualified by his personal associations with such pioneers as Carl Jung, M. Esther Harding, Karl Konig, Elizabeth Wright Hubbard, and G.B. Stearns, Whitmont takes a da ...
    € 17,45
  3. Dreams a portal to the source

    In 'Dreams, A Portal to the Source' Edward C. Whitmont and Sylvia Brinton Perera, both leading Jungian analysts, provide an extensive guide to dream interpretation. Practical in approach, it is designed primarily for psychoanalysts and therapists who wish to integrate dream interpretation into their ...
    € 38,95

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