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Dua Shiv

Book Author Full Name: Dua Shiv

Books by this Author

  1. Know and Solve Thyroid Problems

    An eye-opener to the endocrine gland 'Thyroid' and various myths and facts associated with it. This book gives a detailed explanation on the endocrine system, Thyroid gland and various pathological conditions associated with it along with elaboration on hypo- and hyperthyroidism. Authentic information on various differential diagnosis,...
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  2. Practitioner’s Guide to Gall Bladder & Kidney Stones

    This is a treatise on the scope of homoeopathy in the surgically hailed conditions of biliary & renal calculi, & beautifully accounts for the anatomy, physiology, homoeopathic treatment & dietary restrictions.The author also goes a long way in removing some of the age old misconceptions relating to ...
    € 4,50
  3. Constitutional Remedies Through Interesting Short Stories

    The basic idea behind writing this book is to make the materia medica more interesting for all students by writing stories having homoeopathic characters. The only book on Constitutional Remedies with short stories. ...
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  4. Homoeopathic Self Healing Guide for beginners

    This book is designed for those who wish to use homeopathy forself-treatment at home, and those who care for their health andthat of their near and dear. ...
    € 5,95
  5. Hair Care

    If you wish to have those voluminous and bouncy hair which shine or you need to take care of your curly locks (natural or artificial), this book is a must for you. The book first explains the structure of hair, followed by its diseases like dandruff, hair fallm premature graying, etc. and thereafter how to manage...
    € 4,95