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Deepening Perspectives on Chinese Medicine

Lonny S. Jarrett


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Beschikbaarheid: In voorraad

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This work is Lonny Jarrett's magnum opus, the fruit of a 40-year career in Chinese medicine. But Lonny has taken the teachings of Chinese medicine and expanded its view into the present world and its future potential, specifically in the realm of consciousness development. I know of no other person in our field who has unified the thought of Sri Aurobindo, Ken Wilbur, Zhuang Zi, and great physicians such as Sun Si-Miao so seamlessly. Perhaps at last, the Huang Di/Yellow Emperor can be said to have engaged Western thought in full. This work deserves our full attention and commitment, so that we may add our insights for the coming era as well and bring Chinese medicine to full fruition as a world medicine par excellence.-From Foreword by Z'ev Rosenberg

Lonny Jarrett's Deepening Perspectives on Chinese Medicine is an extremely important book and marks something of a historic first. It takes the incredible contributions of Chinese Medicine and presents them in an up-to-date and modern perspective, making them available to today's healthcare professionals. It does this while also presenting the essential Ideas in light of Integral Theory, a highly respected approach to an integrated or holistic framework. I highly recommend this book for any serious healthcare provider in today's world.
—Ken Wilber, The Integral Vision

Deepening Perspectives on Chinese Medicine presents a narrative that is not founded on the lineage teachings of any branch of East Asian medicine, recreating myths and the etymology of ancient terms and meanings. This discussion may lead the reader to conclude that, indeed, where medicine and spirituality are merged, a liberated consciousness has everything to do with ancient Chinese medicine.
—Carlos Chan Cordeiro, PhD
The Journal of the American Society of Acupuncturists

This book will inspire many who wish to move away from the standardized forms of medicine that many of us tend to adhere to, and seek to explore a much greater and far more inclusive approach to our traditional medicine than has even been put down on paper.
—Ioannis Solos
Journal of Chinese Medicine


ISBN 9780966991628
Taal Engels
Pagina's 995
Binding Hardback