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David Lilley

Book Author Full Name: David Lilley

Books by this Author

  1. Healing The Soul Volume One

    Through the histories of Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, and William Lilley a renowned medium, psychic healer and homeopath, this book brings together two vital threads essential to the art of healing: the science of the soul and the science of homeopathy. It is a book written not only for the professional, but also for the...
    € 55,75
  2. The Wolf - A Mythological and Comparative Study

    Ancient texts document the hatred of Cain for his brother Abel and relate how Cain callously slew his innocent brother. This fratricidal act has been perpetrated by Homo sapiens against Canis lupus over thousands of years.  Human and wolf are psychic siblings: rival apex predators in the late Pleistocene; both...
    € 32,25
  3. Healing The Soul Vol 2. The Archetype and the Psyche

    Healing is inseparable from the spiritual path the soul traverses on its hero’s journey towards individuation or Self-realisation. The journey is fraught with difficulties, challenges and obstacles. The cunning opponent that confronts the soul along the way and hinders its progress is the ego-self, a pseudo-being created from lack of...
    € 55,75
  4. The Raven – A Flight through an Archetypal Force Field

    Raven enjoys a wide variety of habitats from the far northern icepacks, to the shimmering dunes of the Sahara and the forbidding peaks of the Himalayas. It can imitate and mimic many different sounds, including the human voice. Solitary, raven looks like a crow – in flight like a buzzard – soars...
    € 72,50