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Classical Homeopathy Evidence Based Medicine vol. 1

Case studies - Long term treatment - Theory

Engels - Hardback

Erik van Woensel

Beschikbaarheid: In voorraad

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Beschikbaarheid: In voorraad

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Classical Homeopathy Evidence Based Medicine vol. 1


What this book has to offer you.
Clear instructions about how to analyse the information coming from the homeopathic consultation and how to synthesize this outcome into a homeopathic prescription
Insight in how to make a prognosis, considering:
what has to be treated as to pathology, what the condition of the defence mechanism is and the patients level of health, possible causative and disease-maintaining factors, the patients personal and family medical history, the patients functioning as a human being: mentally, emotionally and socially, the clearness of the remedy pattern.
Information that enables you to better estimate the duration and complexity of the treatment. The ability to judge the symptoms presented in the case as to their peculiarity and how to find the distinctive characteristic symptoms of the case. A well-structured schedule about the different strategies that can be used to arrive at a homeopathic prescription, enabling you to choose the right strategy in order to make the correct prescription. Knowledge how to differentiate the appropriate remedies and select the most similar one. Guidelines along which you can select the right potency to start the treatment with. Practical tips helping you to correctly evaluate the reaction to the prescribed remedy. Fifty-one cases, with a long-term treatment up to more than twenty years, to practise your knowledge on prognosis, case analysis, materia medica, potency selection and evaluation of the case.


ISBN 9789078742012
Taal Engels
Auteur Erik van Woensel
Pagina's 373
Publicatie Datum 2011
Binding Hardback
Geprint in Nederland
Uitgever Educatief centrum voor Homeopathi