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Anne Vervarcke

Book Author Full Name: Anne Vervarcke

Books by this Author

  1. Behind the Glass Screen

    'In a proving we hear the voice of nature through the words or the expressions of a prover. And due to the law of similars the remedy has to match the patient’s expression, complaints and disease (“...the only conceivable Gestalt of the disease” § 6 Organon). In addition to what we understood throug ...
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  2. The Vital Approach Map of Homeopathic Families

    In homeopathy we call every group of remedies, having affinity or some connection to each other a ‘Family’, not so much because it sounds nicer and is more manageable than the scientific names but also to avoid pointless discussions about the particular taxonomy used. Besides that homeopathy knows its own...
    € 15,00
  3. Zonder Verhaal

    Wat bezielt een vrouw op haar zestigste verjaardag voor een jaar met de rugzak op missie te vertrekken voor eenmansactie die ze ‘The Walk for Homeopathy’ noemt? Motivatie, uitwerking, belevenissen en ontmoetingen onderweg ontrollen zich al stappende...
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  4. Une autre vision de l'homéopathie -- Une nouvelle lecture homéopathique du XXIe siècle

    Ceci est la première traduction en français d'un ouvrage d'Anne Vervarcke ; il est principalement destiné aux homéopathes professionnels désireux de compléter leur vision de l'homéopathie et d'évoluer plus avant avec succès dans la pratique de leur médecine.
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  5. Beyond Mind and Body

    Beyond Mind and Body is the translation of the Dutch book “Voorbij Lichaam en Geest”, published in 2010. It contains a selection of live cases Anne took during her Master Classes in Leuven in the presence of students and homeopaths. Because of the request for more explanation than was given originally in ”The Postgraduate...
    € 25,00
  6. Der Vitale Ansatz

    Der Vitale Ansatz ist eine verdichtete Einführung in Fallaufnahme und Analysetechniken, basierend auf Annes tiefem Verständnis und umfassender Erfahrung. Diese Einführung ist klar, methodisch und ausgefeilt und ermöglicht, die Schönheit des zusammenhängenden Musters in jedem Fall zu sehen.
    € 20,00
  7. Post Graduate Annual 2006

    The first Post Graduate Annual compiles all the life and video cases treated since the start in February 2005. Besides a condense introduction of the method that is followed, the main part of the book consists the detailed report of the cases and the analysis that led to the prescribed remedies. Alt ...
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  8. Voorbij Lichaam en Geest

    ...Wat iemand aan wijsheid of waarheid verkondigt, is geen reflectie van de evolutie van de kennis en de waarheid maar een getuigenis van hoeveel waarheid deze persoon zich op zijn unieke manier eigen gemaakt heeft. De waarheid was er altijd al. Al de kennis van alles wat er ooit kan geweten worden, ...
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  9. Homeopathy: Strange, Rare and Peculiar

    “Exploring the boundaries of a fascinating healing system”An van de Moortel asks profound questions, Anne vervarcke gives extensive answers.AnvdM: The important thing is that your message is positive. With homeopathy as it is today ‘we ain’t seen nothing yet’. Can you give a ...
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  10. Homeopathy is Everywhere

    Anne Vervarcke (°15-10-1952) has had a homeopathic practice since 1989.In 1991 she created the “Centre for Classical Homeopathy” in Leuven, Belgium, with a fiveyear training course and a two-year Master Class. She still teaches there but also gives seminars in countries world-wide. She is the ...
    € 14,95
  11. The Vital Approach

    The Vital Approach is a condensed introduction in the case taking and analysis techniques based on Anne’s thorough understanding and experience. It is clear, methodic and sophisticated and enables to see the beauty of the coherent pattern in every case.This is what Christel Lombaerts, he ...
    € 20,00

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  12. The charm of Homeopathy

    This is the first book in English, addressed to professional homeopaths, where Anne Vervarcke explains her view on the vital disturbance. As disease is nothing but a concept-like disturbance of the vital level, the challenge is to understand and perceive the coherent, symbolic pattern, displayed by ...
    € 19,95
  13. A World Map of Homeopathic Groups and Families

    A World Map of Homeopathic Groups and Families aims to make homeopathic practice manageable again. Unlike the early days of homeopathy and particularly in the last 20 years, homeopathic students and practitioners now have access to a bewildering amount of information - new provings,...
    € 42,24