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Nicola Henriques

Book Author Full Name: Nicola Henriques

Book Author Bio:

As a journalist, Nicola Henriques began researching homoeopathy in the early 1980s and received her Licentiate degree, with honours, from the London College of Classical Homoeopathy in 1993. Nicola practises Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s original, pure homoeopathic healing art, devoid of divergence and stripped of embellishments. She maintains a select clinical practice and offers occasional private continuing practitioner development tutorials. The author’s other non-fiction books include Women on Menopause: A Practical Guide to a Positive Transition; Crossroads to Cure: The Homeopath’s Guide to Second Prescription; Release The Vital Force: The Exact Science and Art of Homoeopathic Patient Examination.

Books by this Author

  1. True Homoeopathy

    Everyone seeking effective homoeopathic treatment should read this book. Every self-prescriber and student of homoeopathy to should read it before making their first prescription, and experienced practitioners will find it a valuable guide to improving case management skills! True Homoeopathy is a thoroughly researched, easy to...
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