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Nieuwe Boeken Homeopathie

  • Prisma Reference

    Prisma Reference

    Engels - Hardback
    222 Remedies Extensive Source & Substance information Latest scientific names and groupings Themes Remedy Relationships... Meer
    € 75,00
  • Digitalis purpurea

    Digitalis purpurea

    Engels - Paperback
    This work on Digitalis, is the first monograph published as part of our ongoing project, to revise and revive the Materia Medica of Samuel Hahnemann. Our... Meer
    € 49,25
  • Psyche and Structure

    Psyche and Structure

    Engels - Hardback
    What began as an exploration into the crystal structure of gemstones, has unfurled into a deeper and unexpected insight into all metals, minerals and organic... Meer
    € 62,00
  • Table of Psyche & Structure

    Table of Psyche & Structure

    Engels - Kaart(en)
    This chart, developed by Peter over many years, is a template for the therapeutic application of the gems. On one axis of the chart, he has placed the element... Meer
    € 18,00
  • Panama provings

    Panama provings

    Engels - Paperback
    This is the fourth proving seminar that I have organised. It turns out that the proving are getting better over the years. The quality of the proving is... Meer
    € 20,00

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