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Curability of Tumours by Medicines

James Compton Burnett

Beschikbaarheid: In voorraad

€ 4,95

Beschikbaarheid: In voorraad

Levertijd: 1 – 3 dagen


A comprehensive treatise on the homeopathic treatment of tumours illustrated by detailed case records all throughout.

The tumours are not necessary lethal but only a manifestation of the deranged life-force is something which remains to be understood by a large majority of the existing population. Given an early diagnosis and a well planned course of action, they are not only amenable to treatment but complete cure.

Nieuw, maar geprint in India dus de kwaliteit is meestal niet optimaal.


ISBN 9788131905173
Taal Engels
Auteur James Compton Burnett
Pagina's 345
Publicatie Datum 2008-12-02
Binding Paperback
Geprint in India
Uitgever B. Jain
Book Author(s) James Compton Burnett