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Todd Rowe

Book Author Full Name: Todd Rowe

Books by this Author

  1. Carnegia Gigantea a Proving of Saguaro Cactus

    Table of contentsIntroductionPoem Characteristics of CactusesOverview of Proven Cactus RemediesNatural HistoryProving ResultsProving DiscussionSuggested Repertory AdditionsRaw Proving DataBibliographyAppendix 1: Repertory extraction and comparison of...
    € 18,65
  2. A Proving of Larrea Tridentata

    Table of Contents Introduction Natural History of Larrea TridentataSymptom Listing and suggested Repertory additionsIdeas and ThemesRaw Proving DataBibliographyAppendix: Larrea Tridentata comparisons 
    € 20,20
  3. A Proving of Roadrunner

    Table of Contents IntroductionNatural History of Geococcyx californianusDiscussionSymptom ListingThemes and SensationsRaw Proving DataBibliographyAppendix A: Comparison of Geococcyx californianus rubrics to other Bird Remedy ProvingsAppendix B:...
    € 19,43
  4. Alligator Mississippiensis - A proving of The American Alligator

    Table of Contents IntroductionNatural History of Alligator mississippiensisMythology and Cultural ReferencesSymptom Listing and suggested Repertory additionsIdeas and ThemesDiscussionRaw Proving DataAlligator mississippiensis CaseAppendix: Rubric Comparison to Ohter Reptiles and...
    € 18,65
  5. Cathartes aura - A proving of Turkey Vulture

    Table of Contents IntroductionPoemsNatural HistoryProving Results and Suggested Repertory AdditionsIdeas and themesProving DiscussionRaw Proving DataBibliographyAppendix A: - Other Bird Remedies- Comparison of Vulture to Other Bird Remedies ...
    € 18,65
  6. Choosing a Career in Homeopathic Medicine - First edition

    This booklet outlines what a career in homeopathy is like, and is helpful in the decision-making of each individual of whether or not to go into homeopathy as a career. It also helps people who are just starting out in their homeopathic careers. In this booklet's appendices, homeopathic resources and schools are listed for sources of more...
    € 7,77
  7. Choosing a Career in Homeopathic Medicine, 2nd edition

    The process of learning homeopathy (as distinct from doing homeopathy) is close to Dr. Todd Rowe’s heart. Just consider his previous books: Homeopathic Methodology, The Homeopathic Journey and now, here this 2nd edition of Choosing a Career in Homeopathic Medicine.As a driving force in founding the American Medical College of...
    € 4,66
  8. Homeopathic Methodology

    As one begins to learn the homeopathic methodology, repertorising is a difficult, if not ominous endeavor. This book helps to sort out the many nuances of old, and clarify much of the 'older' jargon. It explains to the novice homeopath just how to begin taking a case and using the Repertory in pract ...
    € 19,50
  9. The Homeopathic Journey

    The Homeopathic Journey represents a road map to the journey of homeopathic education. It is the first step for many students and faculty, who by understanding can be more effective in the process. It also offers support for administrators, who so bravely lead homeopathic schools and training progra ...
    € 29,95