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Subrata Kumar Banerjea

Book Author Full Name: Subrata Kumar Banerjea

Books by this Author

  1. OUT OF PRINT: Brain Tumor Cured by Homeopathy

    Based on lectures on the subject delivered in variuos foreign countries & statistics collected from clinical records.Includes case taking proforma with repertorial references,miasmatic interpretation,precancerous manifestations,regional therapeutics & a concise Materia Medica ...
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  2. Repertorial Analysis and Evaluation

    The first part of the book deals with introduction to homoeopathy in the simplest manner with health attitudes and list of common medicines to be stored. The real utility of this book rests with the second part, which has been designed to make a disease-wise diagnosis. There are three basic medicine ...
    € 2,95
  3. Miasmatic Prescribing

    Miasmatic Prescribing is the much enlarged edition ofthe book Miasmatic Diagnosis which is a bestseller bookon miasms by Dr S.K. Banerjea. Author has revised andadded many new chapters to the Miasmatic Diagnosisbook from his further experience of more than 26 yearsof clinical practice and brought ou ...
    € 14,95
  4. Classical Homoeopathy for an Impatient World

    This book is the outcome of years of experience of Dr S.K. Banerjea who has mastered the understanding of homeopathic literature. It highlights six methodologies which will enable the prescriber to reach the simillimum efficiently and quickly. These include emphasis on aetiologies; totality of physical ...
    € 16,95
  5. Key to Success B Jains Pharmacy Including Viva-Voce & Practical Parts Solved Papers

    A book which is brief but presentable from the indicated experience of years in helping the health problems of old age it the role of Homoeopathy is heriatrics. It includes physiological changes with advancing year, life. Common health problems of old age and their remedy etc.
    € 3,50