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Jerry M. Kantor

Book Author Full Name: Jerry M. Kantor

Books by this Author

  1. Interpreting Chronic Illness

    Jerry Kantor's book Interpreting Chronic Illness views three seemingly incompatible fields of medicine through the lens of phenomenology and develops novel patterns of care for patients with chronic illnesses. “A brilliant and groundbreaking work by an integrative practitioner who ‘speaks the language’ of three very different healing...
    € 34,75
  2. The Toxic Relationship Cure

    Using engaging client stories, The Toxic Relationship Cure reveals how little-known natural medicines can relieve mental, emotional and physical damage from toxic and unhealthy relationships. The Toxic Relationship Cure is meant for victims of these toxic relationships as well as mental health professionals. ...
    € 19,95
  3. Autism Reversal Toolbox

    Listen to the Podcast with Kelly & Jerry on this book here Building on the work of Henny Heudens-Mast, Peter Fraser and Louis Klein, (Autism...
    € 34,00