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Homeopathy, Medicine for the new Millennium 27th edition

George Vithoulkas

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Beschikbaarheid: In voorraad

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Homeopathy, Medicine for the new Millennium 27th edition


Homeopathy is the branch of medicine which cures on the basis of similarity to the whole healthy condition of the patient, rather than addressing symptoms in isolation.
In this revised and expanded edition, world-famous homeopath George Vithoulkas presents the historical scientific basis for the discipline in simple terms, and shows that homeopathy not only addresses the health of the whole person, but can succeed in treating many chronic conditions regarded as incurable by conventional medicine.


ISBN 9789608616363
Taal Engels
Auteur George Vithoulkas
Pagina's 234
Publicatie Datum 2000-01-01
Binding Paperback
Geprint in Groot Brittannië
Uitgever The International Academy of Classical Homeopathy