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Homeopathy in Accidents and Injuries

With a short repertory on emergencies

Engels - Paperback

V. Krishnamoorty

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The book will serve as a quick reference for the physician to cross check before arriving at the final remedy. It will help him in eliminating similar remedies and selecting the similimum. It is like a repertory of the clinical conditions with the difference being that, instead of grading; indications help us select a remedy. Therapeutics for a few symptoms are also included e.g. - flushed face, nausea, sediments in urine etc – which are indicative of certain medical conditions but not diseases all by themselves.
Nieuw, maar geprint in India dus de kwaliteit is meestal niet optimaal.


ISBN 9788170214397
Taal Engels
Auteur V. Krishnamoorty
Pagina's 228
Publicatie Datum 2008-01-01
Binding Paperback
Geprint in India
Uitgever B. Jain