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Harbans Singh Khaneja

Book Author Full Name: Harbans Singh Khaneja

Books by this Author

  1. Find Your Remedy an Illustrated Guide Third edition

    A very extensive alphabetical listing of ailments and disorders which suggests remedies and indications for each disorder.Illustrated Guide to the Homoeopathic Treatment is quite a different book from all other homoeopathic books now available. Therapeutics, repertory, surgery, suggestions about diet and information on the...
    € 14,95
  2. An illustrated guide to the treatment of Cancer

    This book is the outcome of 57 years of experience of the author in the treatment, studies and research work related to cancer. It explains in detail, various types of cancers that affect the mankind so that physicians should not erroneously diagnose cases as cancer cases. Wrong diagnosis could prove very harmful. This book also highlights...
    € 6,45

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